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New moons are a magical time, a time of new beginnings, manifestation, and starting new goals. Depending on what the sign is that the new moon falls under, we are pushed in specific directions that can help us move through our journey during life more easily.

This particular upcoming new moon will fall under the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are the more emotional signs of the zodiac. During this time, you can expect your emotions to be at the forefront of your mind. You may have old problems arise during this time, which will provide you with an opportunity to look at them from a new angle, so you can release and let go, paving way for a new direction.

Depending on your sign, this energy can impact you differently. Here is what this transit will mean for each sign of the zodiac.


You are getting a new leaf in your home and your family life. If things have been difficult recently, it may be time to let go of the past and finally move forward for good. During this Cancer season, you may have a hard time trusting in others, which may leave you feeling guarded. Trust in yourself and those closest to you to get you through.


You tend to think about things from all possible angles, which can lead you to overthink. Combat this by taking a step back. Jumping to conclusions or acting before being called on can only end up pulling you into a cycle of burnout that will do you far more harm than good.


Lately, you have been feeling a bit cloudy. Thankfully, this new moon is bringing a burst of clarity with it to help you to move through the block you’ve encountered. During this time, keep your eye s out for signs that will help you to overcome the block and move towards your goals.


Oh Cancer, it’s your time to shine! Take some time to reflect. You’ve made so many changes and you are making big moves in your career. Sometimes, you need to allow yourself some space to just breathe.


Your mind is always going, going, going. And while that is okay, sometimes when all you do is think, your brain can become foggy. It’s okay to just sit and be still sometimes. Stow away your gadgets for at least an hour during the new moon to let your mental batteries charge.


Things haven’t always been easy for you, Virgo. It can be hard to see the greater good, especially during or directly after hardship, but you are the master at taking something difficult and turning it into a life lesson. Focus all of the disdain and discomfort into a project, and you will find that everything falls right into place.


You are in the midst of a time of transformation. And this transformation could be major. However, it’s important to be picky about who you take wisdom from. While most people don’t have bad intentions, some people aren’t the right ones to be doling out advice, either. Be picky with what you absorb.


You’ve been dealing with a lot of daily confusion in your life, and whether you may be seeking the answers or not, they are coming. This new moon will provide you with the answers to finally have some peace. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open for incoming signs.


Your relationships will be at the forefront of your focus during this time. If you are in a budding new connection, you may feel yourself growing closer to this person. Conversely, for those who are in a current relationship, you are likely to feel things settle in a way that brings you comfort. While adventure is typically what you crave, right now, intimacy is what you are feeling drawn to.


You are feeling the need to connect, which will have you reaching out to old friends and trying to revamp current friendships and relationships in your life. Most of your current relationships will positively shift for the better under this new moon. But for those out of alignment or those that do not serve your path, you are likely to find out real quickly this month.


During this time, your job will be your main focus. If things are going well, you will feel pushed to keep reaching further in your current position. However, if you are unhappy, now is the time to move forward.


Life is beginning to pick up the pace for you, Pisces. If you are single, now is the time to reach outside of your comfort zone and join a dating site or take your friend up on that blind date. If you’ve been craving to shake things up go on an adventure. Now is the time to break outside of your normal routine.