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As we move through December we are getting closer and closer to the date of the last full moon of this year. While that could be a bit sad for some, for most it is quite the experience. 

This full moon will be in Gemini and a ‘full cold moon’ at that. It offers us a lot of compassion and is a great full moon for growth and self-expression. While it could hold some darkness in the world of love, not everyone is going to be seeing that side of it. 

Below I am going to go over what this full moon holds for each zodiac sign and while some of these things can be a bit scary, remember the universe puts things before us for a reason. You are going to grow through the energies that the full moon on December 12th offers you. Do not close yourself off, embrace all that is to come.


For you, this full moon could mean you’re headed to a point where things feel like they are falling apart. While they are still very together you just can’t see it. Normally during times like this, you would close yourself off from the people around you even more than you usually do but now is not the time for that. Lean on those who support you the most and let them know how you’re feeling. Talking things out can do so much for you during this time and you should work to be a bit less dismissive in regards.


This full moon is going to knock you off your feet in a big way. You’re going to be seeing a lot of conflicts when it comes to work and your personal life. In the end, what matters the most will become quite clear. Just stick with your gut and listen to your heart, you are capable of making the decisions before you properly.


During the course of this full moon, you’re going to be feeling a lot of pressure. The world around you is asking for a lot and you’re not sure if you’re able to provide in the ways you’re being asked to. Slow down and take some time to relax. You don’t have to be everything for everyone. Perhaps some self-care is needed right now.


This full moon is going to have you facing a lot of conflicts but nothing you cannot handle. You’re going to be contacted by someone from your past and while hearing them out is fine remain as you are and stand your ground. Sometimes closure is necessary but you should not be opening your arms or your life back up to toxic people who only bring you down.


Romance for you is nonexistent during this full moon. Do not push things too hard or you will end up losing someone very close to you. This whole situation could serve as a major tipping point for you if you do not think out the things you say. Stop being so sporadic and really sit down with the people in your life to go over where this is headed.


This full moon is going to bring you to a place where you have to really begin thinking more for yourself than usual. You are facing some serious problems but the source is something you are seemingly oblivious to. If you don’t work through this the beginning of 2020 will not be offering you any favors. now is your time to really get things straight and with the energy of this full moon, you should be more than capable of exactly that.


As a Libra, you’re usually quite detached in ways others do not understand and this full moon will highlight that. You’re going to be feeling like change is necessary but not know where to start making it happen. Learn to face things as they come forth and stop obsessing so much. You’re in store for a lot of positivity in the near future, enjoy the ride before you.


This full moon will be quite dramatic for you. You’re going to be facing a lot of misunderstandings and going through a lot in your personal relationships. Remember that sometimes trying to make the people around you see things your way will not work. We are all our own beings and you have to come to terms with that.


The full moon to come is going to force you to really take a step back and look at yourself from an outside perspective. Are you doing all you can for the people around you and are you living the life you want to live? Now is the chance for you to make changes if you feel they are necessary. Think wisely and deeply, you will find a lot more than you’re expecting to.


This full moon is going to remind you that letting go is important. Not everything is going to remain as it is when 2020 arrives and fixing your problems now is important. Leave the past behind you, for once.


The coming full moon is going to create a lot of tension in your life and make you feel quite on edge. While your creative side is going to begin showing itself more you’re not going to know how to let it out properly. Try and try again, we only learn through making efforts.


As a Pisces, this full moon could be enough to get you out of your slump. You’ve been going through a lot lately and now is a moment in which you’re going to be able to find a sense of normalcy. Do not worry too much about the imbalance you’re noticing, things will play out as the universe wants them to.