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There is no doubt that 2020 has been one heck of a year, it has been full of sorrow, pain, tears, and so much more but that doesn’t make it all bad. This year has brought us all together in ways most would never have imagined.

We only have four months left in 2020 counting the one we’ve already begun and well, things are not quite over yet. Now is our healing period and the more we use it to our advantage the more we will grow. September will be much more relaxed than October but overall, the months to come and end out this year are all going to push us to align more properly with who we’ve always wanted to be.

Below I am going to break down some of the up and coming energies so that we can all be better prepared for them. While these energies can change, overall they should roll out similar to the things below. Each month before us is going to challenge us in its own ways but that’s not always a bad thing. We will all get through this and move onto 2021 where things will be looking up tremendously.


September for most of us is going to be a month that slows us down and forces us to recall the things we’ve experienced so far. It is a month full of hard decisions that may end up leaving many of us feeling very out of place. That being said, as we continue to transform we will begin to see the bigger picture.


October for many of us is all about finding our peace. Now that we’ve reflected and healed it’s time to begin moving on and while that won’t be easy it will be important. The more we work at making the changes we want to see happen the better. While we’re not going to be as happy as we might like to be during this month, we will be realizing more and more who truly cares for us.


When November rolls around we will all be feeling a lot better. The harsh energies we had been facing will have all but faded and we will be able to believe in one another again. Our patience during this month will help shape who we become and keep us rooted where we need to be. While some of us might want to keep moving on, this month will be one where staying where you are is important. Cleaning up your mistakes and making up for the things you’ve done will be imperative.


Now, by the time December rolls around, we will all be feeling much better. We will be more focused on our friends and families all the while also able to hold ourselves high as well. This month will remind us that nothing lasts forever and that while we do not know what the future will hold, there are tons of doors opening up before us. It will be the time during which we truly begin chasing our dreams.