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The science of Numerology is the study of the importance of numbers, and their impact on our lives. Through analyzing the associate between letters and numbers, this can reveal a great deal about your personality including your potential, your motivations, your natural talents, your main personality characteristics and the way you interact with other people.

What is the first letter of your first name? Check below to find out what that reveals about your personality!

Letter A 

letter A, A, scroll, text

Individuals whose name start with the letter A are honest, ambitious and straight-forward. They will put themselves first, focusing on your own personal goals and motivations. These people are goal driven, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals once they have been set. They are the leaders, motivators, and entrepreneurs of the world.

When with a group, these people feel the need to be in charge. They are natural leaders, with a high level of courage, and live to have a purpose in life. They are practical, rather than emotional. Often these individuals will speak their mind, saying what they mean and expect from others without consideration to the emotional impact their words may have. It is important that they remind themselves to think before they speak!

People with A names are not overly romantic, quickly becoming annoyed by too much flirting and cheesy gestures. They need someone who will support them in their day to day activities, and provide them with the attention needed to feel appreciated. These individuals are attracted to those with a higher intelligence, challenging their own minds.

Letter B

alphabet, letter B, B, script, text

People whose names start with the letter B are very sensitive individuals, and are not quick to open up to the people around them. They are extremely loyal, sometimes to the point of completely forgetting about themselves and their own self interests. These people are generally homebodies, and enjoy making a ‘nest’ for their family. They are great cooks and hosts.

Those with B first names have a great deal of control over their own personal emotions and feelings. They are also extremely in tune with the feelings of those around them. They are friendly, caring and co-operative, knowing the best ways to handle people with care.

Individuals with B names are very romantic personalities. They love to exchange gifts with their partners as they them as a way to express their true love. As these people are very sensitive, they are easily hurt, and will often avoid ever talking to those who have hurt them again.

Letter C

Individuals a C as the first letter of their first name are social butterflies. They love to be the life of the party, and tend to be very upbeat and outspoken. These people are extremely optimistic, with a creative energy and a healthy curiosity. They are great conversationalists, and will often find themselves attracted to careers in which they can use their ability to communicate to inspire others.

People with a C name are looking not only for a lover, but also a companion and partner in life. They need to feel a heavy sense of togetherness, a friend they can confide in when times are tough. They are slightly superficial, with appearance playing a stronger role in who they are with than some of the other letters.

These individuals need to feel genuinely appreciated someone. They want a partner who will not only love them, but worship them and lavish them with a high level of attention. They have a high degree of control over their desires and impulses, and as such will wait as long as it takes to find someone who will provide them with everything that they demand. When they do find this person, however, they are VERY devoted.

Letter D

letter D, D, script, text

People who have D as the first letter o their first name are very stubborn and headstrong. They know what they want, and will do whatever is required to ensure that they get their way. They do possess quite the temper if pushed, but can be smart and pleasant so long as they keep themselves grounded. They are often associated with wealth and business; however, they tend to be workaholics.

These individuals care deeply for others and have a strong desire to solve the problems of those around them. They are extremely trustworthy and dependable. They have strong systems in place for getting things done in their lives – both in their personal lives and in business. They do amazingly well under pressure, and are extremely efficient.

People with D names are passionate lovers. They are extremely loyal to their partners, however can easily cross the line into jealousy and over protectiveness. Their stubborn side means that once they set their mind to building a relationship with someone, they do not give up easily.

Letter E

letter E, E, script, text

Individuals with an E at the start of their first name are extremely flexible, accepting and handling change better than most through out their lives. They are extremely imaginative and intellectual, and will sometimes prefer a good book to any type of relationship in their lives. They have a slightly unconventional way of thinking, and are natural problem solvers. They are extremely handy around the house.

These people are very chatty and social. They value friendship above all else. They can occasionally come across as a bit flaky as their way of thinking is sometimes hard to follow, causing them to come across as unreliable to those around them.

Due to the high value they place on friendship, their partner must be a friend and companion first. Physical appearance has little to no importance in their attraction. They need a partner who is a great listener, and who can carry on a deep and intellectual conversation.

Letter F

letter F, F, script, text

People with an F at the start of their first names are extremely nurturing and self-sacrificing. They are responsible, caring and easy to get along with. This makes them excellent hosts. They are extremely easy going and enjoy the company of others. They place a high value on peace and harmony in all situations, which creates a need to protect and take care of those around them. They have a great sense of humor.

These individuals are trouble shooters, with a desire to give help to everyone they come in contact with. They are able to take on other people’s pain, nurturing everyone in their lives. It is important that they are careful not to get involved in situations where they are not wanted! They also need to protect themselves and ensure that they are not letting themselves be dragged down by the problems of others.

These people are extremely romantic and sensuous. They are huge flirts, but when they do find someone special they are loyal and committed. If they are hurt, however, they will look for revenge!

Letter G

letter G, G, script, text

People with a G at the start of their first name are perfectionists – expecting perfection not only in themselves but in those around them. Due to this fact, they are difficult to please. They are extremely philosophical and analytical, loving to read, study history and travel.

These people are very systematic and tidy. They have an intellectual mind and have a tendency to be visionaries, which often helps them to excel in their careers. They are highly active people, and never feel tired. When setting priorities in life they place importance on their duties and responsibilities, making it difficult for friends and family to get close to them.

Due to their perfectionist ways, G people are extremely selective when choosing a partner. They would rather be seen as a loner than settle for anything less than the best. They are extremely sexual and passionate individuals; however, they draw a clear line between their physical relationships and their emotional relationships which can sometimes cause difficulties with their partners.

Letter H

Individuals with an H at the start of their first name are highly self focused. They look out for their own best interests before all others, which causes the to be extremely careful when getting close to other people in their lives. They invest in the people in their lives, and the people that they do allow into their ‘inner circle’ can always count on them!

These people tend to make a lot of money; however, they also tend to lose it fast. There are creative individuals, and think from their gut. They are very strong in their beliefs, and it is hard to change their minds. Being highly knowledgeable people, others rely on them for guidance.

While they are not quick to get close to others, when they do find someone they commit totally. They are patient, generous and sensitive partners. They do not feel like they require a relationship, often seeing it as standing in the way of their personal goals, and as such they will not settle for just anyone.

Letter I

letter I, I, script, text

People with names that start with the letter I enjoy the luxuries in life. They are extremely free-minded and always willing to try something new. They are highly creative, with an eye for everything from fashion and interior design to composition and musical theory. They do, however, struggle at times to stick with a project, and suffer with high anxiety when they lose direction. They place a lot of emphasis on being elegant and stylish in their day to day lives.

This creative side often leads to a career in fashion and the arts. As these careers do not always lead to a steady and reliable income, they need a partner who can provide them with financial stability. They get bored easily, and are often changing jobs and careers.

People with I names are looking for someone will love and worship them. They want to be taken care of in all aspects of their lives – emotionally, physically and emotionally. They are highly materialistic, and love to receive lavish gifts from their partners. They are not always quick to commit due to the fact they get bored easily, and as such their relationships do not always last long.

Letter J

letter J, J, script, text

Individuals with a J name are highly idealistic. They have a lot of energy, and when they set their minds on something there is no stopping them! They make great friends, trying very hard at all times to ensure that everyone in their lives are comfortable and happy.

These people are great self starters, with a creative approach to problem solving. They are well-behaved, punctual and hard-working, making the ideal employees. They have a high level of ambition and will do whatever it takes to work their way up through the ranks. They are extremely giving individuals, and gifted with a financial power second to none.

People with J names believe very strongly in love stories, and want to experience the perfect storybook romance themselves. They want to bee inspired and swept off their feet in all levels of the relationship. While they are sometimes overly candid, an understanding partner will find that they are genuinely kind and well meaning, even if their humor doesn’t always show it.

Letter K

People with names beginning with the letter K are very kind and loyal friends. They are the mediators and helps of the world – using their skills in co-operation and consideration to bring peace wherever possible. They come across as very shy, however still attract the attention of those around them. They care very strongly for those that are close to their hearts.

These people work extremely well in a group or partnership; however, they are highly dependent and do not work as well when left on their own. They have a very ‘commercial’ mind, playing the game in the professional world with finesse.

K names take their love lives VERY seriously. They are not looking for someone just for the moment, but rather are focused on find their perfect partner to marry and build a life with. They do not play games, and are quick to avoid anyone who does. When they do find that ideal companion they are a wonderful, generous and dedicated partner.

Letter L

Individuals with names beginning with the letter L crave attention. They tend to overthink every detail of their lives rather than focusing on what is truly going on around them. This causes them to be highly indecisive. They are friendly and charitable, however also tend to be accident prone.

These individuals possess the gift of communication – bringing optimism and joy into every interaction. They are enthusiastic and bring a sense of youth to those in their lives. Their energy and charisma often leads them to being extremely wealthy and successful.

People with L names are VERY devoted partners. Their life partner is the most important priority in their lives, held above all else. They are, however, picky and restless until they find that perfect partner, quickly moving from relationship to relationship.

Letter M

letter M, M, script, text

Individuals with names that start with the letter M are VERY headstrong, and often will not take the advice of others, even if it would be to their benefit. They are extremely self-oriented, sometimes coming across as selfish and forgetting about the friends and family in their lives. They do not do well with being told what to do, and place a high importance on being right in every argument.

Those with M names are workaholics, with an extremely high drive to succeed. They are dependable and self-confident. Deep down these individuals would love to be homebodies, however they require a high level of financial security in their lives.

Their high standards and high level of focus on themselves means that they are not going to settle for just anyone. They need a partner that will meet all their requirements, and if they are not quite there they will use criticism to try to change them.

Letter N 

letter N, N, script, text

Individuals with N names are intense and highly creative. They tend to think ‘outside the box’ bringing original solutions to any problems that they, or the people in their lives, may be facing. They have extremely active imaginations, and value freedom and fun in their lives. They struggle to fit into society’s roles, and require the freedom to express themselves in their own unique way.

N named people do not like routine, with a need for constant change and activity in their lives. This, combined with their free spirits, usually leads to an ever-changing list of jobs without actually settling into a career. It is not uncommon for them to suddenly lose interest in the job at hand, and head off in a completely different direction with no notice to those around them.

Their eccentric way of living sometimes makes it difficult for them to find someone who can convince them to settle down. They need a partner who is equally passionate and intense to keep their attention. They tend to rush through life, never slowing down, and as such need to find a partner that can keep up.

Letter O

letter O, O, script, text

Those people with names that start with the letter O are extremely focused, and not afraid to work hard towards their goals. They have a very high level of morals, and ensure that they always follow them with every decision in their lives. They are the trailblazers in life, showing others the way in any situation they become involved in. Their strong moral beliefs lead them to fight for their principles and ideals, focusing heavily on the importance of justice and ‘fairness’ in the world.

O named people place high value on boundaries, laws and rules. They are, however, also extremely sensitive. They often have strong spiritual beliefs.

These individuals view their love lives as being a very important project, often resisting being single for any length of time. They demand truth in all situations, and will not tolerate being lied to. They can sometimes be seen as a ‘drama queen’ and as such need a partner who is understanding and can handle their strong personalities. People with O names are highly passionate, however that passion can quickly turn into possessiveness and jealousy.

Letter P

Individuals with names beginning with the letter P are highly intellectual. They often give a great first impression, however if they sometimes come across as distant. Behind the confident exterior they are often extremely self-conscious, worrying about their reputation at all times.

Their desire to be seen as successful often drives people with P names to work in professional careers. As their appearance is important to them, they also place a high level of importance on the appearance of the other people they allow into their lives. If they feel that someone will have an impact on their image, either socially or professionally, they will immediately distance themselves.

People with P names enjoy flirting. Their relationships are extremely volatile, operating on both ends of the spectrum. They are either a great example of a happy relationship, or view their partner as the enemy. A single, poorly timed fight can end the relationship quickly or them.

Letter Q

letter Q, Q, script, text

People with letter Q names are very energetic and active.  They can’t stand still, needing to be constantly on the move. People often view those with Q names as being mysterious, giving them a level of power that lends well to persuasion. Their intensity can sometimes intimidate and overwhelm those that they come in contact with.

These individuals tend to make money easily, however their instability can cause them to take hard financial hits. They need fast paced jobs that will keep them engaged at all times. They may try to handle everything themselves, wearing as many hats as possible at once, and need to learn the power of delegating tasks to others.

Those with Q names require love and admiration from their partners. They place a high level of importance on romantic gestures such as flowers, gifts and chocolate. It is hard for Q names to find a partner that is able to keep up with their highly energetic and demanding schedules. They often burn out their relationships.

Letter R

letter R, R, script, text

Individuals whose names begin with the letter R highly value the acceptance and approval of the people in their lives. They always strive to be the best at everything they do. They have VERY strong emotions, feeling every experience with intensity. Their desire to be the best means that they are always ready and willing to learn and change in order to improve themselves. They also place a high level of importance on home, family and friends.

They can be extremely high energy in the work place which, while it leads to getting a lot done, will also quickly lead to burn out if it is not managed. It is important that they focus on keeping a healthy work/life balance in order to protect their own wellbeing.

People with R names are highly turned on by intelligence. They are looking for someone who is intellectually their equal. Their need for approval will cause them to continually work hard to prove that they deserve their partner. They are extremely compassionate, but must be careful that their compassion and need for acceptance does not lead to being treated like doormats in their relationship.

Letter S

letter S, S, script, text

People with S names are extremely selfless and giving. They are generous to a fault, putting everyone else in their lives well ahead of their own wellbeing.  They feel things very deeply, which can, at times, lead to dramatic overreactions to situations, and intense emotions. It is important that they are careful to take the time to think each decision through to ensure that they aren’t making an emotional snap decision on anything of importance.

Those with S names believe in pleasure before work, sometimes finding it hard to maintain a job due to their lack of dedication. They are, however, extremely self-confident and self-reliant, and as such will always pick themselves back up and move on quickly. They thrive on new ideas and projects.

They are idealistic when considering relationships and matters of the heart. If need be, they will wait a long time for the right person to come along. They are serious in their relationships, becoming 100% committed very early on. This can lead to jealousy and possessiveness. While their feelings are very strong in everything they do, they are able to show a higher level of control with their romantic feelings. When they promise a partner sincerity and commitment with will stop at nothing less.

Letter T

letter T, T, script, text

Individuals with names beginning with T are extremely private. They don’t like to share their thoughts or emotions with anyone around them if they are able to avoid it. This does not mean that they don’t deal with a lot of emotions internally, as they are highly emotional people! They exhibit a lot of patience and tolerance in everything they do. They are often spiritual people, however have a lot of questions in their spirituality.

They put a lot of focus on balance in life and in work, and prefer to be behind the scenes. This makes them ideal for support roles and those that require a mediator. They show a high degree of sensitivity to those around them.

Those with T names dream about great love, however often struggle to find it. They often do not heed the advice of others, which can end badly for them in many ways. They love all things ‘romantic’ including candle lit dinners, soft music and midnight walks.

Letter U

letter U, U, script, text

People whose names begin with the letter U love to get attention due to their physical appearance. They will go to great lengths in their quest for beauty.  They are extremely enthusiastic and always looking forward to life’s next challenge. As they tend to be more materialistic they put a high value on the importance of gift giving, and love giving gifts to others.

With their focus on physical appearance, many people with names that begin with U gravitate towards careers in fashion and acting. They have great instinct and a high degree of creativity. Combine that with their amazing sense of timing and uncanny luck and they are often very successful!

Those with U names are true romantics. They are only ever truly happy in life when they are in a relationship. If they do find themselves single, their primary focus in life becomes the search for their next partner. They are capable of deep love when they find the right partner, however are also easily hurt emotionally.

Letter V

letter V, V, script, text

Those people with names that begin with V are extremely strong, and not easily intimidated. They are loyal and determined, slow to allow people into their inner circle, but quick to defend those who are. They handle danger and fear with ease and confidence. They exude a great deal of charisma, attracting those around them.

They are extremely hard workers with strong organizational skills. Their determination and willingness to work ensures that they complete any project that they start quickly and efficiently. These individuals also exhibit an eye for detail, and a high level of patience!

Those with V names are cautious when it comes to getting close to anyone in life, often keeping people at a distance. This makes it difficult to build strong romantic relationships. They wait until they are extremely familiar with a potential partner before making and promises or commitments. They are attracted to individuals with unique personalities or eccentricities. They have a genuine heart, and when they give their word, it is as good as gold!

Letter W

letter W, W, script, text

Individuals whose names begin with W are very proud and determined. They will stop at nothing in their quest to chase down their dreams. They are headstrong, and are not quick to accept ‘No’ as an answer in any situation. They often come across as egotistical to those around them. They like to surround themselves with ‘interesting’ people.

W named people are very artistic and creative.  They are known to be excellent at stimulating conversation, sharing their unique thoughts and views with anyone willing to hear them. They are extremely active individuals, getting involved in as many activities as possible at any one time.

These individuals are very romantic. They care deeply for the people in their lives, especially for their partner. They value their partner above all else, considering nothing in their lives to be more precious. They have an ideal view of romance, as portrayed in movies and romance novels, and expect the same in their own romantic relationships.

Letter X

letter X, X, script, text

People with names that begin with X exhibit an extreme amount of enthusiasm and passion in everything that they do. They are very talented in many different areas in life, and always on the go. They are masters of multi-tasking.  They engage with people very easily, making friends and learning about new cultures everywhere that they go.

It is important that those with X names keep themselves busy in the workplace, as they do get bored easily. They have a lot of skills to bring to the table, so it will work best if employers keep them occupied and always prepared with an extra task at hand. They tend to gravitate towards careers as teachers or in the health field.

The mastery of multi-tasking carries into the romantic lives of those whose names begin with X, often juggling multiple partners at the same time. Their focus is to love and be loved, and they are not afraid to approach it in a more unconventional route. They aren’t quick to lay their cards on the table and reveal their true selves, but for those that stick by their side it is definitely worth it!

Letter Y

letter Y, Y, script, text

Those with names beginning in Y demand a lot from themselves – holding themselves to a higher standard than anyone else around them. They are independent, and highly introspective. They feel a need to have control over every aspect of their lives at all times, often causing them a great deal of difficulty in all relationship including their friends, family and romantic partners.

These individuals are daring business partners, willing to take risks that many others would shy away from. They lack patience for those they believe to be ‘below them’ on the social ladder.  They do better in roles of entrepreneurship and management than working under others, as they have a heavy dislike for all rules and restraints. They strive hard to be the best at everything they do.

People whose names begin with Y value financial stability in a partner. Their controlling nature is often the downfall of their romantic lives. It is important that they remember that a partnership takes two people, and both need to have a say in decisions.

Letter Z 

letter Z, Z, script, text

Individuals whose names begin with Z are upbeat and positive, always walking on the ‘sunny side of the street’. They are quick on their feet, but need to be careful as sometimes they are too quick to jump in and border on being impulsive. They value trust highly, surrounding themselves with a very tight knit circle of family and friends.

Those with Z names tend to find themselves in careers which allow them to offer counselling and guidance to those in need. They have a deep understanding of other people, and will do all that they can to take care of those that they encounter. They demonstrate sound judgement, willpower, and personal stamina. They desire to feel needed, a desire which is fulfilled in these career paths.

These individuals are true romantics. They are often blinded by love, unaware of any mistakes that their partner may have. It is at this time that they will rely on their family and friends to protect and guide them. They try very hard to please their partner, and will give everything they have in order to keep them happy.