We are all affected by the things going on in space whether we admit it or not. Each of the visible celestial bodies has a very intense hold on us as individuals.

Did you know that the day of the week you were born on could be read in a way similar to the characteristics of your zodiac sign? Each day of the week holds a meaning. I was born on a Wednesday and mine is spot on! Your day of birth has a lot more in store for you than you might have originally thought.

Sunday’s Child: Heart of Gold

With the sun ruling over you seeking the best things in life will be a goal of yours. You are someone who lives your life to brighten the lives of others. You are creative and bold. You have a natural healing ability and people around you almost always feel as if you are able to brighten their day. Generosity is one of your strong points.

Monday’s Child: Caring and Sensitive

You are ruled by the Moon and are far kinder than most. You are sensitive and adaptable and people tend to overlook you wrongfully. You are softspoken and quite interesting once you come out of your shell. You love to spend time with those who are important to you.

Tuesday’s Child: Spirit of a Fighter

You are ruled by Mars and have a spirit that holds more willpower than most. You are brave and always work as hard as you possibly can. However, you are a bit overly materialistic.

Wednesday’s Child: Curious by Nature

Mercury rules over you and makes you able to communicate with ease. You are curious by nature and are highly intelligent. Most of the time you are satisfied with life and you always look for the best in everything and everyone.

Thursday’s Child: Intelligent and Witty

Ruled by Jupiter you are usually pretty happy. It takes a lot to get you down. You are witty and very optimistic. When it comes to life you are always focused on paving your path to being who you were meant to be.

Friday’s Child: Spiritual by Nature

You are ruled by the planet Venus and it brings you lots of balance. You are very talented and love to do creative things. There is something about you that makes you quite intense and you are wise beyond your years.

Saturday’s Child: Perfectionist

Ruled by Saturn you are quite family oriented. You tend to have a style all your own and are prone to worrying far too much. While you can be a bit difficult you always work hard to fight for what you believe is right. Stubborn does not even begin to describe you properly.

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