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Many believe the aura is more of a halo around our bodies, there is no denying that it is a highlight of our spiritual form. The outer band color of our aura can and will change as we progress on our journey in this world and that is something we all need to be aware of.

Our auras can be many different colors and each color reveals something about our present situations and who we are in general. Below I am going to go over some of these colors and break things down a bit. While it might not seem like much, the more you dive into the world of auras, the better you will get to know yourself on a spiritual level. 

Aural Colors and Their Meanings:

Red – 

Those who have red auras are very focused on the physical things this world has to offer. They express themselves big time and are always working hard to live in the ‘now.’ They look at their lives in a very closed off manner and are always confident in the things they can see as well as the things they can hear.

Orange – 

Those who have orange auras are much more willing to step out of their comfort zones than most people are. They are usually quite daring and unusually expressive. These people are always pushing their boundaries and becoming more and more ‘alive’ through all that they do. 

Yellow – 

Those who have yellow auras are free spirits in their own rights. They are usually very open and honest with the people around them as well as the world itself. While some are more sensitive than others overall these people love to help others and all the while enjoying the lives they are living.

Tan – 

Those who have tan auras are a bit different from everyone else. They usually operate from a logical stance and are more willing to hide their emotions. They close themselves off and are very afraid of getting hurt.

Green – 

Those who have green auras are powerful and very bright individuals. They are usually quick to share their ideas and often hold some of the best advice, period. They might not be as conventional as everyone else but getting things done is never an issue for them.

Magenta – 

Those who have magenta auras are very special. You do not see this color aura often. These people are usually, for the most part, peculiar people. They march to the beat of a drum no one else has ever heard before and it shows. You might not understand them but you love being around them.

Blue – 

Those who have blue auras are very caring and kind. They love to help others and go out of their way to make the people they care for happy. They live through their emotions and are always expressing themselves. You will not be let down by someone who has an aura of this color.

Indigo –

Those who have indigo auras are truly special. This color is of those who are here to save the world, no seriously. Those with this aura are highly spiritual beings who are capable of doing a lot of good in this world. They are on a mission to change things and will improve the lives we live on this planet we call home.

Purple – 

Those who have purple auras are usually leaders of this world. They hold serious roles and are always working to guide others. They are always trying their best to benefit everyone in a manner they see fit and work hard to be there for the people who need them.