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Success comes in many different forms and isn’t always the same thing for everyone. Sure, we all have our before bed processes but those who have found real success know what’s truly important. 

While it might not sound like a lot, doing these things before bed on a daily basis could help you be much more put together in general. Routines matter more than most are willing to admit. Sure, you could just say it’s poppycock but, is it? As kids’ routines keep us together and perhaps as adults, they continue to do the same.

11 Things Successful People Make Sure They Do Before Bed:

1. They spend time with their families.

Instead of wasting all of their time sitting around on their cell phones, they take the time to appreciate the people they love the most. They care for their families and are there when they’re needed. Their children get the attention they deserve and their romantic lives are not lacking.

2. They have a nice nourishing meal. 

These people know that taking care of their bodies is important. They don’t just eat junk all the time. They make sure the foods they’re eating are healthy and diverse.

3. They spend a bit of time away from screens.

Successful people know how damning spending too much time on your phone or in front of a screen can be. It’s important to spend time without technology. This especially if you work in a place that has you spending a lot of time on the computer or something else of the sort.

4. They allow themselves to relax.

These kinds of people don’t always spend their time on edge. They allow themselves to relax at home and wind down. Sure, they’re stressed but they don’t let that ruin the rest of their day.

5. They read and decompress.

Some successful people like to read before bed because it helps them decompress. They will take a relaxing shower or bath and settle into bed with a nice book. This might not be for everyone but it is a great means of really settling down and getting comfy before falling asleep.

6. They let go of the stress they’ve been holding onto from work and things of that sort. 

They aren’t the kinds of people who keep stressing over the same things all night. They let their work woes go before coming into the front door. Their time at home is the time they spend with those who matter and it’s not going to be ruined.

7. They meditate or go for short walks.

Meditation is important for all of us. Whether you’re actually sitting and trying to meditate or merely taking a walk before bed to clear your mind this is a big feat. Through doing this successful people are able to rest deeper and don’t have as much on their minds when they’re trying to sleep.

8. They reflect on their accomplishments from the day itself.

Before really settling in for bed successful people will often try to see the good in the day they’ve faced. Sure, it may have had some bad points but there is always something to be proud of, even if you’re not always able to see it as prominently. Find that something and let it flourish in your mind.

9. They prepare for the next day. 

It’s necessary to prepare for the coming day if you want to get a good night’s rest. You don’t want to wake up in the morning to realize you forgot to do something important. Make a list and check things off.

10. They do things that need to be done.

Successful people don’t put things off. They do what needs to be done and make sure they’re not procrastination. If the house needs to be cleaned, they help clean it.

11. They don’t put off getting the rest they need.

These kinds of people are going to lie down and sleep when they need to. They’re not going to stay up all night doing things that don’t matter. They know a good night’s rest is crucial for the next day.

If you do these things, whether you think you’re successful or not you’re likely pretty put together. These are very important things that can and will help you find balance. For me, they are the difference between a rough morning and a happy morning. Success is what you make of it but if you’re doing the important things, you’re more successful than you will ever know.