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On October 23, Scorpio season will be upon us, as the Sun leaves Libra and dances its way into Scorpio. When this happens, we are aligned with the transcendent energy of Scorpio-which can impact each of us differently.

Even in nature, we can see Scorpio at work, as we begin to see the cycles of death and rebirth at play all around us. As the leaves fall from the trees and the air begins to cool, we are reminded that nothing lasts forever, but that it always comes back around full circle. Scorpio is a sign of transformation and depth.

Adding another layer to the mix, it is important to remember that it is also eclipse season, which is also a time of transformation. As we transform, we are forced to look at ourselves deeply, and that is what Scorpio is all about. Below, you can see how this transformative energy will play out in your life.


This Scorpio season may be tricky for you in ways, while being positive in others. The eclipse will push you to rethink your finances, but because Jupiter is in your sign, if you place your focus on your financial goals-you should find that things turn around for you quickly.


You are on the opposite side of Scorpio, so Scorpio season can be pretty intense for you. Venus, your ruling planet, will be housed next to the Sun as Scorpio season begins, pushing you to focus on matters of the heart. Focus on things that enforce your values and spend time with those you love most or even those you have been distanced from to bring the relationship back to life.


Typically, you are pretty expressive, however, with Mars moving retrograde, you are likely going to be pushed inward. During this time, you may feel the need to decompress and spend some time alone. Focus on what motivates you and what actions of yours are rooted in fear, to help you get the most out of this season.


As a water sign, you too are well-connected to the energy of Scorpio. Venus’s energy will influence you greatly during this time, opening you up to love and compassion. During this time, your relationships will flourish, and you may find yourself in great alignment with those you love most.


You are highly influenced by the Sun, which will be in a very emotionally based sign during this season. Because of this, you may have some difficult feelings arise. Venus will come to the rescue, though, adding its high-vibration energy to the mix, making it easy to refocus if you can adjust your perspective.


As a sign that is always on the move, it can be hard to slow down and give yourself some downtime. However, you must learn to establish boundaries, not only with others but also with yourself.


As the sun moves from your sign to Scorpio, you are feeling the weight of a new beginning. Utilize this newfound motivation to push yourself forward in life and move on to bigger and better things. Another layer of this can be found with the Mars retrograde, which will also push you to rethink what motivates you.


It’s your season! And with everything going on- it’s time for some much-needed self-care. Not only will there be two eclipses during your season, but there is also a Mars retrograde. Because of this, you may feel torn in many directions. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by it all, so remember to stay in the present moment and focus on the positives.


Your season is not far behind, so during this season, you may feel the weight of completion. As you get closer and closer to your season, you are being pushed more and more for closure and to finally bring one chapter to an end, so you can begin the next. The Mars retrograde is pushing you to think about what motivations have helped you in the past year and which have hindered you. Take some time to focus on that.


You are typically quite driven and headstrong, but Scorpio season can slow you down. Take this time to spend with precious friends and family, and focus on the people most important to you. As Scorpio season comes to a close, you will begin to feel more like yourself.


You are quite sensitive to the energies at play during this season, which can make you feel a bit scattered. While this can be frustrating, as you like to know where you stand, you must stay the course. Clarity will come to you, most especially towards the end of this season.


As a water sign, you can truly feel the energy at work right now. During this season, you will feel especially creative and in your element. With the Mars retrograde going on, it may become easy for you to get a bit lost-so stay on track with a detailed to-do list to make it through.