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Each zodiac sign is powerful in its own way. Some signs are more powerful than others, but they all have great potential when aware of the traits and characteristics the universe has provided them with.

Below I am going to go over each sign and where their personal power comes from. By really looking into your sign you can better understand yourself and why you are the way that you are. We are all capable of so much more than we realize and even when we don’t see our own vantage points others might truly be jealous.


You are powerful because you are a natural leader that knows how to balance both courageousness and somehow your ego. You do not get jealous and are quite ruthless in that you do not let others walk all over you, ever. You hold your own no matter what the world is putting before you and not many can say this.


You are powerful because you are reliable and also far more determined than most. You go above and beyond to get things done. No one can stop you once you’ve put your mind to it. You are also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to managing finances, you always have what you need and can make even a little go very far.


You are powerful because you are extremely intelligent in ways most other people are not. You can do so much more than most others in regards to transformations. You are able to speak to just about anyone and can really get them to open up.


You are powerful because you are caring. You are far more compassionate than just about everyone else. You relate to others on a level that most people are not capable of. People can come to you with their problems and you will be there for them no matter what. You are able to build others up or tear them apart with very few words.


You are powerful because people tend to flock to you. You are charming and admired by most other people and never reveal your weaknesses. The passion you hold for the things you do and the people closest to you is not something that can be matched. When you do something the rest of the world tried to follow.


You are powerful because you are focused. You are able to get anything done that you set your mind to. While others might struggle with this kind of thing you do not hold back, and you are always sure to go above and beyond in all possible ways.


You are powerful because you are so justice driven. You will always stand up for the smaller person or the one who is falling behind. When you see something happening or being said that shouldn’t be, you don’t just sit there and let it happen. You play fair and get things done that need to happen.


You are powerful because you are more ambitious and intuitive than most others are. You aim for the stars and accept nothing less. Through listening to your intuition you are able to accomplish a lot more than most others. Because you’re not immature or careless, you hold your own in a wide range of ways.


You are powerful because you are both curious and energetic. You are very motivated and others are not able to pull you away from something once you’ve decided on it. Many other signs struggle with becoming more open-minded but you’re as open-minded as it gets.


You are powerful because you are practical, wise, and patient. You know that sometimes you have to wait for things to pay off and are not afraid to do-so. You buy your time well and do not get in any kind of hurry.


You are powerful because you are more independent than the other signs. You like to be on your own but are still able to grow connections in the ways you need. You are the kind of person that accepts others for who and what they are instead of judging them.


You are powerful because your mind is unlike any other. Others are never going to be able to come up with ideas the way that you do and the way you really put your imagination to work is magical. This is something that other signs cannot hold a candle to. Used properly, it can make a huge difference for lots of people in lots of ways.

(Image Via: Pixabay)