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As we enter another year, the tradition of revisiting predictions made by the 16th Century CE astrologer Nostradamus is in full swing among news outlets. Last year’s forecasted events ranged from calamities on Mars to a “celestial fire on the Royal edifice”—interpreted by some as a meteor potentially setting Buckingham Palace ablaze. Despite these ominous predictions, the year passed without such incidents unfolding. Yet, this hasn’t deterred claims that this year we’ll be revisiting these unmaterialized predictions alongside new prophecies of global disasters and a potential conflict with China.

Despite the grim outlook, these predictions are relatively mild considering Nostradamus once suggested the world would meet its end in 1999. So, what does the lore of Nostradamus hold for us 25 years post-apocalypse in 2024?

Conflict with China Some interpretations of Nostradamus’s writings hint at a looming war with China, deciphering a passage about a “red adversary” becoming pale with fear as indicative of a major conflict involving NATO countries. This broad reading of an enigmatic adversary suggests a significant geopolitical tension leading to warfare.

King Charles’s Reign Challenged King Charles might find his tenure as monarch short-lived if one believes certain readings of Nostradamus’s cryptic verses, which speak of a “King of the Isles” being ousted by force. Following this, a new king is said to be anointed who will bring peace to the earth—a scenario speculated to involve Charles himself facing upheaval.

The Reality of Predictions for 2024 In truth, Nostradamus’s predictions for 2024 amount to nothing concrete. The art of future-gazing thrives on ambiguity, allowing for broad interpretations that can seemingly align with various outcomes. This approach ensures predictions remain applicable over a wide range of scenarios, much like the general statements found in horoscopes that avoid specifics to maintain universal relevance.

Nostradamus mastered the craft of making predictions vague enough to ensure that, eventually, someone could link them to similar real-world events. This practice, known as “postdictions,” makes it impossible to pinpoint what he was predicting until after an event occurs. At that point, interpretations are made to fit the event into his ambiguous prophecies, though they rarely hold up to scrutiny.

For example, a passage thought to predict Hitler’s rise to power is so general it could hardly serve as a warning. It’s only in retrospect that people have connected it to Hitler, praising Nostradamus as a visionary, despite the lack of precise foresight in his writings.

As with every year, Nostradamus’s prophecies remain a tapestry of vague and interpretable verses that, while intriguing, predict nothing with certainty.

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