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As you may already know the planets are constantly moving. As they make their ways through the different constellations we are all brought new energies to face and work through.

Right now Mercury is back into the sign Scorpio which in many ways brings forth a lot of change. While it will only remain here for another few days before moving into Sagittarius we need to work to understand what we’re facing right now. Below I am going to go over each sign and what those born under each sign should be expecting right now.


You’re feeling pretty out of place right now and with good reason. Things are not as they should be in your life. While you’ve got a lot coming your way you’ve also got a lot to work through. While self-awareness and growth are highlighted areas you’re not quite sure how to deal with either.


This whole year has been pretty insane for you, you’re ready for things to finally begin dying down but that’s not happening anytime soon. Change is coming your way and you need to work to surround yourself with things that will make those changes happen. Perhaps you’re in store for more than you could ever truly imagine.


You need to be taking care of yourself more properly. Just because you don’t feel like it’s important, your health matters. Life is more than just building connections if you’re not willing to make self-care a priority things are going to go downhill quickly. Start focusing on your own wellbeing.


This time period is going to be quite transformative for you. You’re going to be letting go of someone who has been holding you back for far too long. You shouldn’t be waiting around for things to work out when you know they never will, period.


You have a lot of decisions to make in the days to come and that is making things pretty hard on you. As you work through the past and try to face the future life will become more and more complicated. Where do you go from here?


Sure, this year has been a bit intense but not in the ways most people would have expected. You have a lot to do and also have managed to get through a lot as well. The way you handle the problems before you right now is going to line up the challenges that you end up facing in the coming year. Be true to yourself and work to accomplish all you can.


Communication is very important for you right now. Do not close yourself off or let things fizzle out. While you might want to relax more and let others handle things, perhaps that is not the best idea. Life is what you make of it.


Things are about to get pretty weird for you but not in a bad way. You’re working to take back your personal power and while that is no easy feat it is something you’ve needed to work towards for a while now. Stop second-guessing yourself.


You’re ready for the things headed your way but the people in your life are not. Some may end up cutting ties for once and you’re not going to know how to handle it. maybe you need to focus more in this moment on your own emotions and sense of self-confidence rather than obsessing over the way that other people move through this world.


You are feeling quite warm and content in the way these energies are currently playing out but if you do not use them wisely that may come back to bite you in the rear end. Work to ground yourself and try to seek guidance on your current situations. Things are not always what they seem and coming to terms with that is crucial for you moving forward.


As an Aquarius, you’re facing an emotional intensity that no one is ready to handle. You feel like the world is fighting against you more-so than anyone else and you don’t know how to handle it. Hang in there, this transit won’t last as long as you expect it to and things will be back to normal soon.


While you might be working hard right now it is almost time for you to take a much-needed break. The more you overdo yourself the more exhausted you will become. Stop allowing the world around you to take advantage of your caring heart.