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Astrologically speaking, it’s been a very intense year. However, as we ease into June, we can finally see a period of relaxation for almost every sign, allowing us to let go of a big sigh of relief.

With that being said, there will be a very intense time of strengthening taking place in June, with Uranus and Pluto having a quintile between them. This influence will provide us with a lot of room for transformation.

However, the tensions that will arise between Saturn and Uranus will begin in June and continue into August. So, keep that in mind, as the month plays out, and be aware of any and all energetic changes.
If you keep that in mind, the world will be your oyster in the month of June.


With the notion of transformation coming strongly into play this month, Aries will be strongly affected by this process, as they are in the midst of an extremely deep transformation. Now is the time to review your past year, and remember how far you have come. Take this time to focus on your next move, and also to relax, as the next few months will only intensify with transformative energy.


The influence of the Uranus/Pluto alignment will provide you with the opportunity to finally let loose, as you may have been feeling stagnant and possibly even bored in previous months. Despite your need for practicality, even you can become a bit jaded by the monotony of day to day life. Take a vacation, or at the very least, try to squeeze some moments of fun into your day to day life during this month.


This is your month Gemini, so don’t let even a moment go to waste. As a sign of free self-expression, and keen communication abilities, you will be feeling more your self than ever. Enjoy this month, and use the transformational energies to manifest your deepest desires.


This is also your month, Cancer. However, as the month progresses you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, as the Sun, Moon, and Venus are all in your 12th house. Governing spirituality and closure, you are being pushed towards the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. Are you ready?


Throughout the month, you will be pushed to transform your love life. If you have children, you could see their lives transform as well. Right now, you are surging with energy that will tickle your artistic side and push you in another direction. But remember, sometimes, it is better to move with the energy and be gently led, instead of being pushed by working against it.


Your home and family life are in the spotlight this month, making you feel a bit trapped. While this may not be true, you are feeling the urge for freedom. Remember, balance is key, and meditation also, as you don’t want to make any impulsive decisions that you will regret later.


Libra, you are totally feeling the transformative energy of the Uranus/Pluto alignment and with that, you may be contemplating a major change in your life. This could be in your work life, your current location, or possibly your diet. These are needed changes, and when you make the effort to take advantage of this energy, you are ensured of success.


Mercury will join Mars in your 9th house of expansion and higher intellect this month, which will provide you with immense career opportunities. You will also be presented with the opportunity to transform your pain and discomfort into transcendental energy for a new beginning.


In the past weeks, you have over analyzed EVERYTHING. Take a moment to breathe, Sag. With Uranus in your 6th house of health and self-improvement, it is time to let go of the criticism that affects your work relationships and love life.


As a sign of practicality and discipline, you often choose work over play. However, as the energies transform throughout the universe, you are being pushed to play, which really isn’t your thing. While this can be a wonderful opportunity for you, if you choose to continue to choose work over a little r&r, you may find that the universe says, ‘let go or be pushed.’


Harness the energies before you, as the Sun, Moon, and Venus are all empowering your 5th house of self-expression and creativity. This is an amazing opportunity to explore, and exploring is one of the things you crave most. Well, aside from open-minded ventures. However, who is to say that won’t be presented as well, with energies aligning in your favor this month.


While most water signs will struggle more than the other elements, Pisces will fare much better than most. In fact, with the major elements of the Sun, Moon, and Venus falling into your 4th house concerning family and home life, you are most definitely going to be feeling balanced. Adding to those energies is Mercury joining Mars in your house of creative expression and romance. The sky is the limit in June, dear Pisces. So be sure to take advantage.