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Love is perhaps the most universal experience in life. It’s complex and powerful, and for most of us, our entire lives will be centered around finding and keeping love.

When we love, we each have a different style. While some may be passionate, others seek a companion or friend. We each love for a different reason, and each of our love comes from a different place. Have you ever wondered about the type of lover or partner you are? Then I highly suggest taking the quiz below.

Throughout the quiz, keep a tally of what letters you choose, as they will be used later to obtain your score.

1. How would you prefer to spend your evening with your significant other?

A. Sharing a romantic meal.
B. Hanging out and playing games.
C. Doing my own thing, my partner doesn’t have to know every step I take.
D. Sitting down to go over the bills and plans for the week ahead.
E. Asking them about their day, in-depth.
F. Fixing them a meal and caring for them.

2. If your partner kissed you in public, how would you respond?

A. Kiss them back, of course.
B. Dodge the kiss, and laugh.
C. Pull back and then kiss them on your terms.
D. Pull back and tell them to wait until you are behind closed doors.
E. Grab their face and kiss them hard.
F. Kiss them back until they stop.

3. What is your idea of an ideal date?

A. A romantic night out.
B. Bowling, or laser tag.
C. Go somewhere to hook up.
D. Go somewhere reasonably priced with friends.
E. Somewhere secluded for one-on-one time.
F. Wherever they want to go.

4. When you were in school you were most known for:

A. Being outspoken.
B. Having a lot of friends.
C. Having a lot of boyfriends/girlfriends.
D. Having the best grades.
E. Your weird obsessions.
F. Being kind and caring to others.

5. Your partner cheats on you, what do you do?

A. Leave them.
B. Get upset, but talk things out before making a decision.
C. Who cares?
D. Talk it out, and give them an ultimatum.
E. Go through their phone, their computer, message the other person and fight for hours until getting back together.
F. Listen to what they have to say, maybe there’s a reason they cheated.

Now, tally up your scores, what did you get?

If You Got Mostly A’s Your Love Style is Eros

Eros is a hopeless romantic style of love, and one fueled with passion. You enjoy romantic dates, and intimacy is a must, no matter how long you’ve been together, you want it often. You need to feel chemistry and connection with your partner, and you truly enjoy the feeling of being in love.

If You Got Mostly B’s Your Love Style of Storge

Storgic love types enjoy a connection built on partnership and friendship. Their relationships often begin in friendship, and without a deep friendship, they don’t tend to jump into relationships. Above all, they value true companionship and consider their partner to be their best friend.

If You Got Mostly C’s Your Love Style is Ludus

Ludus love styles often perceive love as a game. Because they don’t care about long-term commitment, they can be a bit distant and don’t fully invest in their relationships. They tend to focus more on short-term love, and casual flings.

If You Got Mostly D’s Your Love Style Is Pragma

Pragma love types are more practical when it comes to love. They want a partner who can meet their needs and tend to be more concerned with their financial security and friendships over love. When choosing a partner, they often choose someone who is good with money and also practical-minded.

If You Got Mostly E’s Your Love Style is Mania

Mania love types are a bit obsessive and can become attached quickly. They are often viewed as co-dependent and are also prone to jealousy and obsession. If their partner gives them any inkling they might not be equally invested in the relationship or that they don’t have their undivided attention, it can cause them to fall apart.

If You Got Mostly F’s Your Love Style is Agape

Agape lovers are nurturing in their relationships. They tend to take on the role of caring for their partner and trying to meet their needs, and can even sometimes go as far as putting their own needs to the side. They tend to choose partners who appreciate acts of kindness, and because they are so accepting, their relationship satisfaction is usually pretty high.