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On a spiritual level, figuring out what happens when we die isn’t easy. Sure, we may claim to know but the truth is all we have is faith in our own minds and views that what we believe is true, we have not tangible proof. 

Some people believe we go to heaven or hell and others believe we unite with the source and are brought back here to Earth to live once again as there are more lessons for us to learn. That being said, the possibilities of what could happen when we pass away are endless and there could even be ‘nothing’ at all. However, I believe deeply that we are born over and over into this world for a few different reasons. 

When we come out of our mothers and into this world we are connecting with this planet in a new way each time and the energies we pick up along the way as we grow older and older affect us. Through the things we face and experience, we grow. As we grow in this life, we either progress more towards the source or further away from it. When we pass from this world, we go back to the beginning and create new soul contracts so that we can decide where to move forth from in order to get more properly aligned with our higher selves. 

One thing that gives me hope for the afterlife and perhaps my return to this planet once again is the accounts others have had when experiencing clinical deaths. They seem to feel at peace outside of their bodies and while they do not go through the full process the things they note as experiencing sound to me like getting back to the source and merging with it, though they end up back in their bodies before that in itself can be completed. 

While sometimes death can be painful, once that pain has passed, you feel quite calm and free. Floating above your body waiting for things to play out you find that you’re in that moment at peace. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy and that doesn’t mean death is an answer to anything. We all have a lot to learn on this planet and no one knows when their time may come. The universe is in control of all of that. 

Some people claim to see lights and tunnels while others claim that in those moments before clinically dying their memories all flashed before their eyes. I believe the act of dying itself is different for everyone and that we are shown what we need to see in those last moments. This could be memories, light, or anything else of the sort. The universe presents to us what will help us get through the situation most properly. 

Life after death is not something any of us will truly understand anytime soon, so just do your best to find what you believe in and allow your faith in that to grow. While reincarnation in my eyes is where things end up, things could perhaps even be different for some than it would be for others. Regardless though, I do believe most all have an out of body experience of some kind or so it seems. 

We should not be afraid of the afterlife, we should be willing to explore all the things that are associated with it and to question things as we see fit. If you do not question things and only remain in the box you were placed in when born, you’ll never be capable of true growth. Hard subjects to think about like this one matter and help us come to terms with a lot in life. 

I feel like many of us should see death as a portal. It links us to something we otherwise could never imagine. Without death, we would not be able to get where we are all destined to go in the end. Sure, it’s scary and some of us might never feel ready even in our last moments but that’s okay. Death is a part of life we cannot refuse to embrace because eventually, it catches up to us all.