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If you are like me and have been in self-care mode for the past month, then prepare for Gemini season to come to whisk you away and push you into a major shift, at least in the mind. While you may have been deep into a period of R&R, get ready for the non-complacent energy of Gemini to take your mind to new heights, which is either a really good or really bad thing depending on how you handle it.

While all air signs have sharp minds, the mind of a Gemini is constantly in shift mode, leaving room for creativity, philosophical thoughts, and mental energy so high that many may misperceive the Gemini as being a bit crazy. But have no fear, the Gemini is actually quite knowledgeable, wise, and centered (for the most part) and this energy is a whole new world for most other zodiac signs. However, as we leave Taurus season, it’s almost a perfect shift, as the almost too grounded energy of the Taurus may have had us all feeling a bit stagnant.

So what does Gemini season have in store for you?


Gemini rules over self-expression, which is something Aries seriously has no problem with. So, with that being said, if you are an Aries prepare for the energetic vibe train of a lifetime, as you grab the mic and let it all out this month. However, be careful not to overshare, as it will be a bit TOO easy to allow this to happen, and some things, we just simply can’t unshare.


You may be feeling a bit uneasy, as you have been in your comfort zone for the previous month. But, Gemini season is exactly what you need, as you have to push yourself out of stagnation and into new heights to prepare for the upcoming months.


Oh, Gemini. This is truly your time to shine. And if you have had difficulty expressing yourself;f, due to the previous cosmic events in the past few months, allow this to be your mantra ‘Welcome back, baby!’ Focus your time catching up on your thoughts, especially if you have been holding back. Self-reflection and perhaps even journaling is in order.


As a highly emotional sign, don’t lose your footing too much. Going from a grounded and Earthy sign and straight into an Air sign can be troublesome for the Water sign of Cancer. While you have the best intentions, don’t lose your grounding and overexpress. This can lead to major trouble for you during Gemini season. However, if you hone into the creative elements of the Air sign, you should have no trouble harnessing the true nature of those you love most.


Your charisma, charm, and perfectly haughty nature will come through like FIRE this month, and nothing is wrong with that! Air and Fire signs can work well together, just like air fuels the fire in real natural settings. Just don’t get too haughty.


You have been practically minded x a million lately, and expressing that through Gemini season will provide you with perfectly balanced energy to pull through any situation you place your focus on!


Oh, Libra. The airy energy of Gemini is going to set the stage for new beginnings in a whole new way. Allow this energy to carry you forward from the balancing and Earthly energies of Taurus, and as long as you keep steady footing, this will be ample time to allow your true soul to shine.


If you have had a hard time controlling your finances, Gemini is here to bring you back to the center. While you may feel like you are being too hard on yourself, as far as spending goes, once Gemini season has begun, you actually are being pretty grounded. Don’t let your emotional side get the best of you as far as finances go.


The airy nature of Gemini is the perfect setting for your creative fire to spread. Just don’t spread yourself too thin!


Capricorn, Gemini season was almost made for you. During the next month, the overflow of practical and grounded energies from last month, paired with the wise and knowledgeable airy nature of Gemini is going to allow you to not only harness onto an energetic overflow, but it will also provide you with an almost everlasting mental energy.


This month can go either way for you, as you tend to be a little less than grounded anyways. More air energy can either balance you, or be just enough to push you off your wild and free pedestal. Balance is key.


Allow this time to be used for reflection and don’t get lost in your thoughts. While it is easy for the Pisces to spiral out emotionally, this time of reflection may be just what you need. As I said for Aquarius- balance is key!