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Being in a relationship with a narcissist is not easy. If you are then you know that you have to deal with a lot of pain and struggle.

Things might seem  fine, to begin with, but once you’re deep enough in his trap he will begin to show his true colors. Usually by the time you realize what/who you are face to face with you’re already way in over your head. The narcissist will go out of his way to win your heart so that he has control over you, but that doesn’t mean he will treat you well.

If you marry the narcissist things will unravel further than you ever thought they could. You will see sides of him you would have never knew existed. Narcissists are not capable of having healthy properly functioning relationships so whether you stay or not things are doomed from the very beginning.

He might not hit you, but he still hurts you. Now, for those who do not know narcissists are people who lack empathy. They seek admiration and use those around them. They are self-centered and usually extremely manipulative. They take what they want and don’t care who they step on to get where they feel they need to be.

Does that sound like a good person to be married to in the first place? Really think things through before moving forward. Below I am going to go over some of the things you can expect if you do end up married to or in a serious relationship with a narcissist. If you’ve already been here before, you know these things to be true.

20 Things To Expect If You Marry A Narcissist:

1. He will never apologize for anything he does.

Narcissists do not ever say they are sorry. If you ever get an apology from him it will be insincere. He does not care about you or your feelings.

2. He will lie about things that don’t even matter.

Narcissists lie about things that honestly don’t matter at all. He will lie because he likes having that kind of control over you. He likes being the only one with the real information.

3. He will never listen to you.

Narcissists are really bad listeners. He will not care to hear about your problems or your life. Unless it is about him, he probably won’t want to talk much at all with you. Your needs and desires will no longer matter once he has you where he wants you.

4. He will give you the silent treatment when you don’t give him his way.

Narcissists tend to give the silent treatment more often than not. If you tell him no or refuse to do something he really wants you to do he will ghost you. He may not come home for a few days, or you might be right by his side all the while never hearing a word until you give in.

5. He will never take your needs seriously.

Narcissists don’t take anyone’s needs seriously but their own. He won’t care if you have what you need as long as he has what he needs. You might need to go to the store but if he wants to go and hang out with friends, you will never get to the store.

6. He will always make everything about himself.

Narcissists are very self-oriented. He will always go on and on about himself and his accomplishments. He won’t want to talk about you or what you’re doing. Even things like birthdays become about him in one way or another.

7. He will never own up to his wrongdoings.

Narcissists don’t ever take responsibility. He will make you take responsibility for his own wrongdoings. If he has made you upset he will say something like ‘look what you caused.’

8. He will take his anger out on you.

Narcissists are ticking time bombs. He will come home from a stressful day and yell at you for hours on end. He will use you as his own personal punching bag whether it is verbally, physically, emotionally or all three.

9. He will use all of your weaknesses against you.

Narcissists know how to be mean. He will figure out what your weaknesses are and use them to make you feel bad. He will tear you down so you will never leave.

10. He will make you feel stuck.

Narcissists want you to feel stuck. He wants to close you off to the point where you feel like you have nowhere to go or no one to go to. This is how he needs you to be, he needs to make you small.

11. He will always enforce a double standard.

Narcissists think they are better than everyone else. He thinks he is above the rules. You can’t do things he can do because he doesn’t see you as his equal.

12. He will overstep all of your boundaries.

Narcissists don’t think boundaries apply to them. He doesn’t care what your boundaries are. To him, there are no boundaries.

13. He will want all of your attention and none of it at the same time.

Narcissists are peculiar in this way. He will want you to wait around for him all the time but still have nothing to do with you. He doesn’t want you to spend time with other people, but he also doesn’t want to waste his time with you.

14. He will not be there when you need him most.

Narcissists are not going to provide emotional support. He will not be a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand. He will ignore you and let you cry all on your own.

15. He will blame you for all of his problems.

Narcissists are always playing the blame game. He will not take responsibility for anything. You will be blamed for things even you cannot control.

16. He will have you always making excuses for him.

Narcissists don’t care what you have to do at their expense. He will do things or say things in front of others that you have to come up with excuses for. He will make you look bad for no reason and really do all he can to play with your mind.

17. He will cut you off from the people you care about.

Narcissists will isolate you because they want control. He will not want you to spend time with friends and family. He wants to take you away from your support group so you have no one to turn to.

18. He will make you afraid to speak your mind.

Narcissists will break you down in any way they see fit. He wants you to be walking on eggshells when he is around. He likes seeing you this way and feels like it is proof of his power over you.

19. He will make you fear him.

Narcissists will take control in any form they can get it. He doesn’t care if you’re afraid of him. Control is control, no matter what kind it is. He will turn into someone you do not know at all.

20. He will make you feel unimportant.

Narcissists believe they are more important. He will make you feel like you are worthless like you do not matter at all. He will break you apart in all possible ways.

Please, don’t let him do this to you. If you’re already beginning to notice the red flags, leave! You know and I know that you deserve better.