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The Mercury retrograde has a major impact on our day-to-day lives, impacting our communications, electronics, and the way in which we express ourselves. During this time, however, women may be especially at risk for its effects, and it may really help if you know the following.

About three or four times a year, Mercury appears to be going in a backward motion, which is referred to as a retrograde. While it is just an optical illusion, astrologers believe in the impact that is causes in our lives, and many of them have been recorder. For example, electronics may malfunction more during the retrograde than outside of it. It has even been responsible for knocking out electrical grids.

So what is the deal with women, and why should we be wary? Mercury shapes our reality, and provides us with a lens in which we view the world. Mercury is a messenger, a trickster and as a planet, it is thought to influence our communication. However, Mercury is thought to also be associated with feminine power.

During this time, take advantage of personal self care, and I cannot stress that enough, but it provides us with a unique advantage to embrace our womanhood. Truly connect to your inner goddess and embrace her for the strong, sensual and loving individual that she is. Mercury’s retrograde may have you feeling nostalgic, so if you are tempted to contact your ex, DON’T do it until the retrograde is over.

If you still feel like this is a good idea by then, then it’s ultimately up to you, but it’s a pretty safe bet that if you feel that way, it’s because of Mercury. And with that being said, you may feel blocked, or as though you can’t communicate at your best. Remember, that you are trying your best, and welcome the power of your patron goddess into your life to push you through.

Most importantly, nurture yourself, reflect daily and continue to grow. While this time is notorious for causing difficulty, it can offer us a doorway to a higher version of ourselves if you are open to it. Try to not think of this time as a hindrance and as one of opportunity, and you may be surprised at how much that changes the narrative of your path.

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