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When it comes to love looking to your zodiac signs and those of others they can reveal a lot about love. If you want to learn more about your partner the stars might be one of the best routes to check out.

Below I am going to go over the things each zodiac sign looks for in love and needs in love but won’t necessarily talk about. These are things that can truly enhance any relationship under the right circumstances. While not all of these will be easy for everyone to understand, they will prove quite valuable to those who need them.

Aries – Patience

Because the Aries works so hard and doesn’t have much time, in general, to spend with his or her lovers patience is a necessity. When it comes to being an Aries patience is something you look for in a lover big time. Their lovers need to be able to understand that all the Aries does is for the future and bigger picture.

Taurus – Comfort

The Taurus needs to be comfortable within his or her relationships otherwise they become quite flighty. You won’t get far with a Taurus if you cannot make him or her understand that you’re going to be there for the long-haul. While this is no easy feat it is crucial.

Gemini – Friendship

The Gemini needs friendship above all else within their relationships. They have to be able to talk to and spend a lot of time with their lovers. They are a very active sign so if their lovers can’t keep up on a level that meets their standard they won’t last long.

Cancer – Time

Cancer people are very time-oriented. They spend as much time as they can with their partners and are some of the neediest of the zodiac. While they are very giving they expect attention on a serious level.

Leo – Acceptance

Leo people are very outspoken and tend to be in the spotlight big time. They put on a show for most others but when it comes to their lovers they share everything. They want to feel accepted and open with the person they hold dearest.

Virgo – Understanding

While Virgos are picky and frustrating they need their lovers to understand why they are the way that they are and to be there through it all. They need very special partners who can see through the different walls they put up without picking them apart. This is not something that is easy to find, and so they spend a lot of time being single.

Libra – Trust

Libra people value trust above all else. They need their partner to trust them and vice versa. They don’t like being with their lovers 24/7 but the memories they share together are valuable on an extreme level.

Scorpio – Passion

As expected Scorpios need passion. They cannot be with someone who doesn’t ignite a spark in their own minds and hearts. If you’re not making them feel the way they want to feel they will drop you.

Sagittarius – Adventure

Keeping a Sagittarius is hard, they need to constantly mix things up and so if their partner isn’t the adventurous type things go sour quickly. They have to have someone who is able to go and do things whenever they see fit. They live in the here and now on an extreme level.

Capricorn – Honesty

Capricorn people are always very honest, and they expect the same from their partners. If you lie to them they will not forgive you. They give their lovers one chance and one chance only.

Aquarius – Freedom

The Aquarius doesn’t like being with anyone who tries to control them. They need someone in their life that will give them space and freedom. While they’re not going to run off and cheat they love to experience things on their own as a whole.

Pisces – Romance

Pisces people are hopeless romantics and if romance is lacking they won’t remain in a relationship for long. They need to feel loved and cared for without feeling overwhelmed. The smallest things can make the biggest differences in their lives.