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We all get stressed out and we all deal with things in our own ways but your zodiac sign can really help you understand how you feel and act when you’re under pressure. Sure, there are exceptions to this but overall, most people of the zodiac act pretty on par with their signs when something crazy is on their mind.

Below I am going to go over some of the things each zodiac sign ends up doing when they’re under a lot of pressure. The more stressed you are the more prominent these things will become. Honestly, being more aware of them might help you get them under control when things get intense.


When you’re stressed out you tend to fall apart in the sense that you no longer trust yourself or the people around you. You end up checking and double checking things over and over because you want them to be perfect but don’t think they are. You might not crumble under pressure but you sure do become a perfectionist when you’re really worked up about something.


When you’re stressed out you tend to close yourself off and lash out. You let your anger get the best of you and you end up saying things you do not mean. This isn’t easy to work through and you know that all too well.


When you’re stressed out you try to make things happen more quickly. You go for extreme changes and are often the kind of person who does something to make yourself look different. You just want to feel like things are not as they were and so, you make sure to put the wheel in your own arms.


When you’re stressed out you seemingly close down. You obsess over the negatives and do not think about the positives. You feel like everything that could go wrong is and nothing is going to get through to you until you’ve sat on your own about this for a little while.


When you’re stressed out you fall back a bit and allow others to take the spotlight for a bit. You feel as though you’re losing out to those people but actually, they’re just trying to support you and help you through what you’re facing. A lot of the time this kind of situation leaves you resenting those closest to you and makes being around them hard.


When you’re stressed out you do not talk about the things you’re feeling. You close yourself off and throw yourself into your work. While you have a million things on your mind, no one else would ever know.


When you’re stressed out you tend to speak your mind a lot more. You’re more willing to say the things you want to say and not care if you hurt someone’s feelings. While this is a good thing, it can be a bad thing depending on how far you take things.


When you’re stressed out you start seeing the cracks in your life. You realize that the perfect life you pretend to have isn’t real and you feel like everyone else can see that too. You start to fall apart and crumble at the seams.


When you’re stressed out you run. You take your chance and you get away from everything for a little while. You’re the kind of person who likes to just get away from everything.


When you’re stressed out you feel like you’re not doing anything right. Sure, you’re trying your best and working hard but it’s not enough. You want the weight of the world off your shoulders but you’re too stubborn to ask anyone to help you.


When you’re stressed out you feel like all of the things you’ve bottled within are going to explode out of you and well, they are. The more you allow things to go untalked about or dealt-with the worse you’re going to feel. It’s like nothing is working out and everything is a mess.


When you’re stressed out you don’t make the best decisions. You tend to be more impulsive and get into a lot more trouble. It’s like you set yourself up to fail.