After the 12th of this month (July), Mercury will officially be direct. This meaning that our emotional plate won’t be as heavy as it has been for the past few weeks.

Now, for some signs, this planet going direct could throw things off and for others, it may bring them a lot more clarity than they’re expecting. below I am going to go over what each zodiac sign should be looking forward to once this celestial body gets back to normal itself. While some of these might not sound like much, they make big differences in our lives.


This retrograde has thrown you through the gutters a lot and now that it’s finally over you should look forward to figuring out your next step. As an Aries, you almost always have a plan so the past few weeks have been pretty crazy for you. Just remember that you don’t have to share every step you take with others, sometimes it’s better just to go alone.


Taurus people are going to be a bit confused as this retrograde comes to an end because for once it was bringing them to a place where they were forced to deal with toxic people in their lives. While you might not want to cut ties, sometimes it’s the best option. Be willing to do what is best for you and look forward to the changes to come.


As Mercury goes direct you as a Gemini are going to be feeling great. Things are going to be looking up and all of the confusion you’ve been feeling will go away within reason. Sure, you still have a lot to deal with but something amazing is headed your way.


Mercury going direct is going to force you to look deeper within yourself. You’re going to be using your intuition a bit more and really asking questions that need to be asked. While you’re going through a lot right now, the bigger picture is something you’re finally able to see.


When Mercury goes direct it will take a little time for you to get back to normal but you’re capable all the same. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The mistakes you made while this planet was retrograding are not the end of the world. You should look forward to righting the wrongs you’ve done.


This retrograde was especially hard on you because of the things you’re going through in your private life. You’ve been trying hard to get through the things before you but they’ve proven to be much bigger than expected. As this planet goes direct you may finally figure out what needs to be done, look forward to it.


Mercury retrograding is complicated at best in your life but when this planet is direct you feel a lot more at ease. As this planet goes direct you will become more focused and able to get things done once again. While you’ve been stuck inside your head for a little while now, that’s all about to change.


Mercury going direct should be something you’re looking forward to because it’s going to force you to think deeper. You’re going to be reading between the lines and really cleaning things up more properly again. You have been all over the place lately and that’s just not like you.


Mercury going direct for the Sagittarius could mean that you’re about to come to a crossroads. You’ve been battling things lately that you’ve not had to face before and that has made you quite exhausted. Now is going to be your time to make serious decisions and perhaps you should be looking forward to the outcome more than you might initially think.


As a Capricorn, you’re not always good at taking advice and that has come across much worse during this ordeal. This planet going direct might be enough to help you pick up the pieces of what friendships you’ve seemingly ruined. Take advantage of the chances before you.


Aquarius people are really going to be feeling stressed as this planet goes direct because they were gaining a lot during its retrograde period. Don’t be discouraged though, something good will come of this. Look forward to new opportunities at work and within your social circle.


You’ve been stuck between a rock and a hard place for a long time now but Mercury going direct could be the push you need to make changes. Don’t let these energies get you down, think things through, and make your choice. I know, it’s not easy but look forward to the struggle finally being dealt with and the things coming forth growing properly.

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