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Astrology has gotten a lot of attention recently and for good reason, it can provide deep and real insights into our lives and our personality. With that being said, most people assume astrology is just what their sun sign tells them, but it goes so much deeper than that.

Beyond Sun signs, we have ascendants (our rising sign), a moon sign, and beyond. If you want to see astrology show you some magical insights, you need to understand what the planets mean. By understanding that, you will be able to better understand the retrogrades, when planets are opposing your sign, and when they are working together in unison with your sign.

Here are the planets and planetary bodies most often referenced in astrology, along with what their energy holds.

1. Sun

The sun represents creation, masculine energy, warmth, and our conscious mind. It also is the planetary body that provides us with an accurate depiction of our personality. It represents our power, and it also is our guide. If you are trying to understand how your sun sign resonates with you, the sign your sun falls under gives you a sense of your true nature.

2. Moon

The moon governs Cancer and is representative of emotions, and intuition. It represents feminine energy and shows us the details of our hidden self. It shows us what comforts us and drives us, not from an external vantage point, but more so from within. Your moon sign gives you information on what lies beneath the surface.

3. Mercury

Mercury represents communication, intellect, and expression. We often hear of Mercury when it goes retrograde, but it also influences many other aspects of our lives. It is how we communicate or find difficulty in communication. It’s how we express ourselves, and it is how we can share things with others. Where Mercury falls in your chart has much to do with your style of interpersonal communication.

4. Venus

Venus represents love, romance, beauty, and sex. Venus also represents fertility and shows how we express sensuality. Finding Venus in your chart will likely help you to better understand why you show and receive love in the way that you do, and also which partners you are driven towards.

5. Mars

Mars represents willpower, motivation, drive, and conflict. And while there’s an adage that says something along the lines of men being from Mars and women from Venus, we have ties to both. With that being said, seeing where Mars falls in your chart can provide insight into why you are or aren’t driven in various ways, including how you assert yourself, and how much of a sex drive you have.

6. Jupiter

Jupiter represents luck, abundance, optimism, and expansion. When we are looking at our lives and trying to decide how to achieve more and how we want to grow, that is Jupiter’s influence. Jupiter inspires us and pushes us to want more.

7. Saturn

Saturn is all about structure, authority, law, lessons, and obstacles. How we interact with traditions and structured authority is influenced heavily by Saturn. And depending upon where Saturn is at on our chart, our views and the way we interact and view these structures in our life may change.

8. Uranus

Uranus is about revolution, change, rebellion, and chaos. When we feel driven to change the world around us- that is Uranus. When we are having difficulty with change or feel stuck to move towards change, that too shows the influence of Uranus. Uranus teaches us to expect the unexpected and challenging authority, whereas, Saturn is all about structure.

9. Neptune

Neptune is representative of intuition, spiritual awakening, spiritual attunement, and our dreams and fantasies. Neptune provides us with the ability to look beyond reality and peer into our imagination. Where Neptune falls for you will influence how attuned you are and how able you are to use your imagination and dream.

10. Pluto

Pluto, much like the sign it governs, Scorpio, is all about transformation. It pushes us to become aware of who we truly are, in the sense of what lies beneath the surface and the shadows we hide. It faces us with our most toxic traits, so we can either come to terms with them or transcend them.