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December is finally here and with that, each sign should be expecting something different. While we might not know what exactly is in store for each of us, we do have some ideas.

Below I am going to go over what each sign may end up experiencing as the days continue to pass. Some of these things will be hard to face and others might knock you off of your feet. That being said, we are all going to be making progress in our own ways this month.


December for you is going to be a very interesting month. You’re going to be facing more issues in your personal life and trying your best to work through things you’ve been putting off. If you don’t let your relationship issues get worked out during this month, you might find yourself single before too long.


As a Taurus, December might not be the month for you to be making big changes. Perhaps you should take a step back and think things through above all else. You’ve been going through a lot this year and well, you’ve got more coming that you might not feel you can handle.


December for the Gemini is going to be a month full of self-discovery. You’re going to be letting go in one area and moving forth into another. I know, this might seem a bit odd but in the end, it will help you find yourself and grow in ways you otherwise would not have been able to.


For the Cancer, this December is going to be very busy. You’re going to be seeing some good periods and bad periods as the days pass. That being said, the people around you are going to be allowing you to lean on them in the ways you’ve always needed to.


December for the Leo is going to be quite confusing but also very much full of challenges. You’re going to be finding new things to get into and really diving into areas that you otherwise might not. This will help you heal in ways that you might not have been thinking about initially.


This month is going to be sparking your romantic life on fire. You’re going to be showing the people you care the most about what they mean to you and from there so much will grow. Focus on your partner and really rock his or her world.


This month for the Libra is all about letting go of trauma. You’ve been through so much and you’re still holding onto things that you should have dealt with long ago. Change isn’t easy to find but you need to seriously work on that.


As a Scorpio, this December might have you wondering what you’re doing wrong. You’ve got a lot to face before you’re able to grow and things are not going over the way you want them to. Changes are in order and you need to learn what areas need the most work.


Sagittarius people during December are going to be running themselves ragged. They’re going to be trying their best to get all they can done but overall that’s going to hold them back in other ways. The more you take on the less you’re going to be able to actually get done.


As a Capricorn this month is going to leave you wishing you had thought through your plan for the holiday. You need to stop stressing but didn’t think about what might go wrong and now you’re confused and stressed, more than ever. Perhaps you should take a step back and reevaluate things.


This December for the Aquarius is going to show you that you need to give attention to the people who care the most about you. You’ve been hurt badly but you’ve also closed yourself off to those who want nothing more than to support you. It’s time to open back up.


The Pisces people are going to be facing heavy emotions this month. They’re going to be working through the damage they’ve faced in the past and really trying to get where they need to be. I know, this might sound a bit odd but taking your mind off of that damage for a bit might be a good idea. You don’t want to get too overwhelmed.