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The novel coronavirus that has swept the globe is something we do not know a lot about which makes it a lot more dangerous than it would be otherwise. People all over are panicking and some are afraid for their lives. 

As researchers are working to better understand this virus one doctor has taken the time to put together something that benefits not only those in the science world but also you and I. This doctor is Keith Mortman who happens to be the Chief of Thoracic Surgery at George Washington University Hospital. Working with Surgical Theater he created a virtual rendering of lungs from a real COVID-19 patient and through this we can see how it damages them. This VR rendering was made possible by utilizing the patient’s CAT scans. 

This for all who sees it should serve as a serious warning. If we do not properly self-quarantine we could cause loved ones to go through this or face it ourselves. According to WHNT, Dr. Mortman thinks this is the first of its kind regarding the view you’re getting from inside the lungs of a COVID-19 patient. This virtual reality rendering is a full 360-degrees and really makes it clear what this virus does once inside of a person’s body. 

There is a huge difference between healthy lung tissue and lung tissue that has been affected by COVID-19. While a lot of people are downplaying the damage this virus can do for the average person, this rendering shows just how bad things can get. While not everyone will be affected as drastically, until you get the virus, you just can’t be sure how your body is going to end up reacting to it. 

The patient whose images were used to create this rendering is a man in his late 50s and he initially didn’t have severe symptoms but things progressed quickly according to Dr. Mortman. The blue parts you will see in this would be ‘normal lung’ but anything different is what the virus is working to destroy. Dr. Mortman says that this in itself is quite alarming to see and is not like your ‘garden variety pneumonia.’

To see this VR rendering for yourself check out the video below. People need to be aware of this and the more it is shared the better. This kind of wake up call could be what many of us are in need of. Here in the US, we’re seeing a huge rise in numbers when it comes to cases of this virus. Before you go out, remember this rendering and the reality it holds.