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For those who do not know an aura is a field of energy that surrounds us. All living things have auras and they can all be different.

Some people are born with the ability to read or see auras. But, just because you weren’t one of those people does not mean you cannot learn how to. Little effort is actually required to do so, you just need to know how and believe in yourself. If you want to be able to see your aura then you need to do the following.

Remember that because we are all different not all of us are going to see auras in the same way. Some of us actually feel them more-so than see them. This just varies and once you get the hang of the process itself, you will learn whether you are someone who sees or someone who feels. According to Cynthia Larson who wrote the book Aura Advantage, this is the best method when it comes to seeing your own aura.

4 Steps For Identifying Your Aura:

Step 1: Find The Perfect Spot

Find an area in which the background is fairly plain. This can be a quiet room with white walls or something of the sort. Anywhere that you feel comfortable without distraction.

Step 2: Hold Your Hand Outward

Facing the wall, hold your arm out all the way. Keep your palm facing you and your fingers spread. Focus on the nothingness in-between two of your fingers.

Step 3: Do Not Blink

Gaze with a soft relaxed focus. If you blink you will have to start over. Really allow your mind to drift, allow the outline of your fingers to fade away. After this point, you will begin to notice the aura. It can appear smoke like and almost transparent. Is it a specific color? Remember that color.

Step 4: Identify The Color

Now you will need to identify what color it was that you saw and how vibrant it was or wasn’t. Take a look at the list below and figure out what the color of your aura means. Now that you know how to see your own aura, try to see the aura of a friend.

Colors and Their Meaning:

  • Green- This color reflects personal growth, an openness of the heart, and willingness to change and transform.
  • Blue- Blue color reflects quietness, calm, and seriousness. People with this aura will have a strong sense of purpose.
  • Turquoise- This color represents sensitivity as well as charm. People with this aura are highly intuitive.
  • Red- This color is dense and either attracts or repels. Red can be a representation of a healthy ego or a path to anger.
  • Orange- This color is a color of good health and excitement.
  • Yellow- Those who have this aura are easy-going and inspirational, to say the least.
  • Violet- This is the most sensitive aura color of them all. It reveals psychic power.
  • Lavender- This color denotes imagination and daydreaming in general.
  • Silver- This color represents spiritual or physical abundance depending on the person.
  • Gold- Someone with this aura is quite wise and filled with inner peace.
  • Black- Those with this aura have lots of unreleased anger and are unforgiving in nature.
  • White- This can be a sign of purity or truth.
  • Brown- Those with this aura are greedy and close-minded.