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When it comes to dating and finding love we tend to look for something special in all the wrong places. As romantic creatures, we want so much more than we are sometimes willing to give and it really holds us back.

If you have been struggling in the world of connections then perhaps looking to the stars might benefit you. Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and what really shatters them when it comes to their hearts. Some of them you can pick apart without issue and others will completely shutdown. 


As an Aries, you tend to end up feeling quite broken because you get your hopes up too high for the people around you and the things they are capable of. You let yourself down by expecting the most from those who are incapable of giving you exactly that. You have to come to terms with the fact that most people in this world are not on the same page as you and not as willing to put forth as much effort as you are right off the bat.


As a Taurus, what breaks your heart more than anything else is being betrayed. Once someone loses your trust you have a very hard time letting them earn it back. While some people might actually be sorry for their actions and want to change, you cannot see past the things that have happened.


As a Gemini, when it comes to heartbreak you are no stranger. You get way too attached to the people in your life far too quickly. You don’t give yourself time to figure out who they really are before you become invested and it sets you up for some of the worst experiences in the romantic world.


As a Cancer, you don’t give yourself enough time between relationships to heal. You go through heartbreak for a lot of reasons but most of the time it is because you attract toxic people. You attract toxic people because you are so caring and willing to help, when you leave your arms out there will always be someone coming to grab them and take what they can.


As a Leo, heartbreak for you is a bit different than it is for other people. You can forgive most things and overlook a lot but cheating is one thing you will never be okay with. Once someone shows interest in another person even if they don’t get physical, it’s over for you.


As a Virgo, what breaks you in relationships or dating overall tends to be lying. You cannot stand being lied to and when someone doesn’t fess up to their lies it makes you even more upset. While your emotions tend to in this manner present themselves as anger, you’re feeling something entirely different.


As a Libra, you’re not as connected with your emotions as you should be and so when someone does finally get close to you, you go all in. However, breaking you is not as hard as you wish it was. Because you’re so fearful overall you really find yourself questioning the relationship more and more as time goes on. Even the smallest issue can set your mind into a spiral and leave you breaking things off because your heart is hurting more than most people can really accept.


As a Scorpio, a lack of physical connection will break your heart more than anything else and no this doesn’t have to be sexual. If you and your partner are normally very close and you feel a distance building for whatever reason it will shock you in a way that might come across to your partner as you being defensive over something. This kind of thing can really shut the relationship down if there is no means of proper communication between the two of you.


As a Sagittarius, what breaks your heart your wandering mind. You are never content with what or who you have for long. You always find yourself wondering about past relationships or things that could happen in the future. Rather than appreciating what you have you always close off and begin seeking for whatever reason.


As a Capricorn, what breaks your heart more than anything else is when someone who refuses to take things seriously. You are a very communicative person and when you feel like you’re being dismissed or invalidated it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. You will not remain in a situation like this, period.


As an Aquarius, your heart is easy to break but also hard to find. You end up breaking your own heart a lot because you go all in before really coming to understand the person you’re with properly. You forget to go over the important things before really settling into a proper relationship and thus end up realizing later on that you’re both just too different.


As a Pisces, breaking your heart is a bit more complicated. You are harsh on yourself and tend to be quite down and out a lot of the time. When you feel like your partner is hiding something from you, it sends you into a mindset that is hard for you to break free from. This can and usually does leave things on a very bad note.