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While everyone is different in their own ways, most people are quite true to their zodiac signs within reason. If you’re dating someone, looking to the stars to learn more about them might be for your own best interest.

Sure, you might think your lover is happy but is he/she really happy? Perhaps taking the time to read into your SO’s zodiac sign could reveal more than you’d expect. Just because your partner hasn’t mentioned anything as being ‘wrong’ doesn’t mean he/she is happy. If you really want your partner to be truly happy you have to be willing to pay attention to the smallest things and look for cues that you otherwise might not be able to notice.

Whenever you feel like there is something going on or bothering your partner, you should take their zodiac signs into account. Below I am going to go over what each zodiac sign tends to do when he/she becomes unhappy. While there can be many different reasons driving this unhappiness, spotting it is the first step to working towards making things better.


When the Aries is unhappy he/she will not be able to focus on work as properly and will become even more closed off than usual. The Aries stops making time for you and starts going out and having fun on his/her own. It’s like you’re being phased out, literally.


When the Taurus is unhappy he/she will stop going out of his/her way to be around you. You will notice that they are focusing more on their material possessions than you and really distancing themselves from being intimate with you. You’re there but it’s like you’re not.


When the Gemini is unhappy he/she will stop taking time to talk to you. While normally they would come home and talk your ears off, now they hardly speak. They don’t feel like you want to hear what they have to say, so they don’t bother wasting their breath.


When the Cancer is unhappy it’s like all hell has broken loose. They are a literal mess and you’re just trying to figure out what to do. They are not willing to talk about things, but they are willing to lash out a lot.


When the Leo is unhappy he/she becomes very sneaky. They begin doing things to you out of spite and are very cold overall. You might not know what you did to upset them but that doesn’t stop them from trying to make you pay for it.


When the Virgo is unhappy they stop doing all the small things they usually do. While the Virgo is a very accommodating and kind sign, when they feel that they’re not being treated properly they become quite distant. They will not be the first to break the silence, but they will put you in the position to do so.


When the Libra is unhappy he/she will try to please you more. They will stop caring about their own needs and throw themselves into yours. This is very unhealthy and can really damage them if it persists for too long.


When the Scorpio is unhappy he/she will need some space. They will begin to do more on their own and try to be as independent as possible. They don’t want to be so emotionally charged all the time so the further away they are from you the better in times like these.


When the Sagittarius is unhappy he/she will almost always jump ship. You should know this by now. The Sagittarius is a very off and on kind of person and that makes being with them quite complicated.


When the Capricorn is unhappy you have to fight to figure out what is going on in their minds. They will decide to take a trip on their own or spend a few nights away from home without explaining why. This sign is not one that opens up easily.


When the Aquarius is unhappy you might not notice right away but as time passes things will become quite clear. They will begin reaching out to other people and in some cases even suggesting that things should end between the two of you. It’s not because they don’t care for you, it’s mostly because they tend to have a serious fear of missing out.


When the Pisces is unhappy he/she isn’t going to bring it up. This sign will throw themselves into their art (whichever form they choose) and their pieces will reflect the way they feel. Look at what they’re working on, that should reveal exactly what you want to know.