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The year 2019 is almost here and it is going to be very interesting for all of us. If you are in a relationship, there is going to be a lot of things going on in your life.

Below I am going to go over some things each zodiac sign should be looking forward to and keeping an eye out for. Everything is about to change and a lot of things are coming your way. The more aware you are of the energies and events to come the more prepared you will be for all that is to come. While you might not be able to change things, you can grow through them.


You are going to be pushed to really let your guard down during the year 2019. The more you allow your mind to run rampant, the more conflict you will find in your relationship. This year is going to have you feeling a lot of different things and you will be focusing more on the people around you than work for once.


This year is going to be your chance to finally overcome the past that you have been carrying with you. You have been pushing the pain of your past onto your current partner for a while now and that is not fair to him or her at all. Hopefully working through this will enrich your relationship big time.


You’re going to be coming out of a toxic relationship and it might be hard for you to face. While you don’t want to move on, you need to. If you’re with someone who is bringing you down you need to make the changes that will bring positivity forth. Let go and quit holding onto something that is not going anywhere.


The year 2019 is going to have you and your partner looking at how you treat one another. You’re going to be making new boundaries and setting proper limits for once. The energies before you are going to have you wanting to really grow and face success if your partner isn’t able to follow you through that he or she might end up being left behind.


For several months you’ve been working on developing yourself and progressing in the ways you need to. You and your partner are going to be bonding more and getting a better idea of what you want out of the relationship in general. The more you work on this kind of thing the better.


If you don’t stop being so controlling, you’re going to have a rough 2019. The year itself is going to be quite conflicting and really bring out some of your deepest insecurities. You need to start taking your partners needs into consideration and make him or her feel better.

As we move into the beginning of this year your partner is going to confront you about something and how you react matters. Things are not what they seem and you need to give your partner time to explain. Perhaps there is more to the story than you’d assume.


If you are not ready to change, you’re about to lose someone very important to you. Opening up is going to really benefit your relationship in a big way. Your partner has already gotten this far with you, so stop closing yourself off.

You need to be more aware of who you are and reveal that to the person who matters most to you in this world. The year 2019 is going to be a very hectic year for you and you’re going to be facing a lot of ups and downs.


All of 2019 you’re going to be quite productive. You’re going to be making some interesting changes and taking a lot of chances. During this time if you take any risks they will be paying off. Your lover is going to be growing with you in a big way.


This year is going to be hitting you hard emotionally and giving you a chance to be much deeper in your relationship than you have been for a while now. This will be the perfect chance to get your life in order and begin to move forth in the ways most other couples would have already done by now. Progress is a good thing, so don’t be afraid.


While you normally stay quite committed, you will be tempted this year in a way you might never expect. How you react to this situation will define everything to come. You should really work as hard as you can to be sure you’re thinking everything through. Take everything coming your way seriously and stop voicing your struggles so openly.


You are going to be finding a lot out about yourself during this year. Everything will be falling into place and you are going to be working to repair the wounds you’ve been struggling with. While in 2018 things were too fresh and conflicting, now you are where you need to be and ready to let go. This will allow you to move forward without forcing your partner to be held back or on the sidelines.


This year is going to be one that brings you to find a new sense of support. Your partner is going to be going through some hard things and you need to be there for him or her. While you might not be used to this kind of thing, it will bring you to a new place in your life.