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On a quantum level, everything is composed of energy, from our bodies to the world around us, and even numbers and colors are made up of energy. What makes angel numbers so significant is the fact that when you begin to spot them, you spot them often, and also, because there is a synchronicity about them.

A good example of an angel number is if you begin to notice 911 everywhere, or 444, or 222, or any sequence of numbers and you notice them often. Because the universe communicates to us through signs, noticing a reoccurring number is considered to be a sign.

From the vantage point of a numerologist, each number represents significant energy by itself. However, when combined the meaning changes, which can give us major clues about our life path.

Most often, when we hear about numerology synchronicity we think of numbers like 444, 111, or even 777, however, 1234 is an important sequence of numbers as well.

Angel number 1234 represents learning, growth, development, and a need for action. It’s a push from our higher self to take action in our lives for success. And it’s a sign that if you are holding back, now is not the time.

If you are beginning to notice the sequence 1234 everywhere around you, your guides are telling you that it’s time to recognize your power.

Oftentimes, we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for answers. We look to our friends, our family, horoscopes, and to everything in between to try to fill the void within us. When we do this, we overlook our greatest tool in this life, which is our strength and power. Everything we are seeking outside of ourselves is already present within.

To break the numerology of 1234 down, you need to inspect it a bit further. In numerology, the sequence of 1234 adds up to 1. You might be shaking your head, but hear me out.

When a number is in a sequence of more than one number you break it down by adding it together. For example, 1+2+3+4=10


According to numerology, number one represents leadership, new beginnings, and new cycles. In this case, when we go from 10 to 1, we are completing a full cycle.

As a tarot reader, I often take numerology references and compare them to the tarot, which is also based on numerology. The card that represents the number 1 is the Magician.


The Magician represents taking control of your life and also mastery. Upon looking at the card itself, you can see a figure who is holding one hand stretched towards the heavens and one towards the ground. This shows balance, and also represents the connection between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

It is this connection that the Magician uses to master his journey and manifest his desires. According to Biddy Tarot, “He is the conduit that converts energy into matter,” and I honestly could not agree more.

We often forget how much power we have because we become so distracted from our spirit. If you have been struggling and the number 1234 appears, it is telling you that you are overlooking your power and that it’s time to use the tools at your disposal to take control of your life. You aren’t lost, instead, you are on the verge of a massive discovery: the discovery of your power.

Take some time to sit in the quiet, away from the chaos of the world. You need clarity and the main way to obtain clarity is to take yourself away from what is fogging your mind. Ask yourself, what is my WHY? What drives you? What is your strength and what is your weakness? Right now, you are being allowed to align your Higher Self with your daily life, don’t let it pass you by.