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If you’re an indigo child, you might feel quite different from everyone else. Indigos are people who possess unique abilities and they are in many cases they have been coming to this planet for many years and are warriors within the world.

These ‘indigo children’ are not all children though they were all once children. They are very intuitive and while not the best at socializing they go above and beyond for the things they believe in. Below I am going to go over some traits and characteristics all indigos carry. If you carry these traits, you too many be indigo in nature.

13 Traits All Indigo Children Carry:

1. They are often better at learning with hands-on things.

Indigo children aren’t going to be able to learn in the ways everyone else does. They need to be treated differently because they are different. When it comes to book learning and sitting at a desk, they tend to struggle.

2. They cannot stand to see others in pain.

Whether it’s a person or an animal, pain is something these people cannot stand to see. They are very empathetic and compassionate. They feel for all living things on this Earth.

3. They are extremely creative people.

Indigos are some of the most creative people around. They seem to know so much and are able to do more than your average person. If you give them some things to make something with, they will blow you away.

4. They tend to keep small circles.

These kinds of people know that they do not need to be surrounded by others to be happy. They only allow those who they can trust close. If you aren’t willing to be there for them properly, they won’t keep you around.

5. They are not interested in rules that hold them back.

Unlike your average Joe, indigos do not let other people hold them back. They are not afraid to break the rules that need to be broken. It’s almost like they’re cannonballs waiting to burst through the wall.

6. They are sometimes quite headstrong.

Indigos are not often able to calm themselves properly. They are far more stubborn than you might expect and are quick to let you know what you need to know. You can’t get these kinds of people to back down, ever.

7. They get bored quite easily.

Keeping an indigo entertained is hard. These people get bored quite easily and will make that quite known. You can’t expect them to just ‘find something to do.’

8. They cannot be guilted into things.

Indigos do not give into guilt. They know their place here on this planet and will not let others try to control them. Sure, they sometimes feel bad if they’ve done something wrong but they will not be taken advantage of.

9. They feel very special.

Right off the bat, indigo people feel different. They know they are special. You can tell this in the way they carry themselves.

10. They always make sure their needs are met.

Indigos do not do without unless they have to. They try hard to ensure their needs are met and they are cared for properly. You can’t just come and take things from them.

11. They heavily rely on their intuitive side.

Because their intuitive side is so powerful they often rely on it. When they have a feeling, they do not ignore it. They know that their intuitive side will not let them down.

12. They vibrate at a higher frequency than most.

The energy surrounding indigos is unique. It feels like nothing else and cannot be matched. If you’re an indigo, you know what I am talking about.

13. They are very independent in their thoughts.

You can’t trick an indigo into thinking something you want them to think. They think their own thoughts and cannot be swayed easily. They will not be controlled.