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As the death toll and numbers of people infected continue to rise tracking the coronavirus that is coming out of Wuhan, China is very important. While many outlets are reporting updates, a map has been created that will allow anyone who wants to a good look at things as they unfold.

This website/map was created by researchers at John Hopkins University and it tracks reports of from all over the world using data from different reliable sources to keep the outbreak monitored properly. When a confirmed case comes in it goes up on this site and is recorded accurately. On this interactive map, you can click on different regions to see the information in regards to this coronavirus and those who are infected or how many have passed as a result.

So far this deadly virus has spread far further than we ever would have hoped and has been found in at least 13 countries outside of China itself. It is present in the US, Australia, and some other quite prominent places. Right now the number of people infected is totaled out as I write this at 5,578 on this website. However, experts are concerned that this number could actually be much higher than that because of how misconstrued things were the first few days this virus was something officials became aware of.

(Image Via: John Hopkins)

All of that having been said to access this website you can click here. Once you get this website loaded you will see a map and several other options before you. You can look at total confirmed cases and break things down by country as you see fit. For instance, you can see that in Thailand there have been 14 confirmed cases but in Hong Kong only 8 at the moment. 

This map is a great tool for us all to utilize. While these numbers are scary it is important to remember that this virus has not yet reached pandemic levels and that there are people working to make sure that does not happen. While we do not know what is coming next we do need to be aware that this virus is present in many places and if you or someone you know seems to be showing signs of Pneumonia don’t hesitate to get checked out. 

For more information on this deadly virus please check out the video. Updates are coming in seemingly constant it seems and time is the only thing that will really tell how all of this will play out. What do you think is heading our way?