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While most people do not realize it, wearing rings can potentially change the game, spiritually. If there is something you want to work on in your life, doing something as simple as changing fingers for some of your rings could make all the difference in the world.

Our hands and each individual finger are linked with different planets and Gods or Goddesses. Each planet rules over something different and brings forth different energies when we call on them. Using the right materials on specific fingers could truly bring forth a lot of things that you otherwise may never even consider.

According to Wisdom Shankar the fingers and their planets are as follows:

The thumb is connected to Mars. (Increases proper communication within relationships and forces an attitude change)

The index finger is connected to Jupiter. (Increases self-confidence)

The middle finger is connected to Saturn. (Increases ability to focus and connections)

The ring finger is connected to the Sun. (Increases our capability to be compassionate and shows us how to slow down)

The little finger is connected to Mercury. (Increases our sense of intuition and brings about a new found creativity within)

These hold the powers of Gods and Goddesses like Aphrodite, Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes depending on which finger you’re working with at the given moment. Some people associate specific stones and metals with specific fingers for activations but not everyone goes by that. You can work through this in your own ways as your energies might be more than enough to kick things off.

When it comes to wearing crystals, in general, you need to pay attention to which hand you’re wearing them on and of course, as noted above, which finger. If you want to bring forth more strength and logic you would opt to wear a ring on your thumb or if you wanted to focus more on your financial situation you might opt for your index finger. There is a reaction for everything we do in this life and even the smallest things make some of the most amazing differences.

According to Cosmic Cuts, if you want to give healing to others and help others you should wear your rings on your right-hand but if you wish to reap the benefits yourself you should place your rings on the left hand. Yes, it can be that simple. While this might sound a bit crazy the more you look into it the more sense it makes.

Crystals linked with each finger are as follows:

Thumb – Garnet and Carnelian 

Index Finger – Amethyst and Blue Topaz

Middle Finger – Rose Quartz

Ring Finger – Moonstone, Turquoise, and Jade

Pinky/Little Finger – Citrine

To learn more about what each finger holds for you and what your ring placement could reveal for you please check out the videos below. While there are quite a few each one holds powerful information that can and will help you on your manifestation journey. The more you know the more you can work with the energies before you in this world.