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We all want to be truly happy, but deep down inside most of us find comfort in our pain. What does true happiness even entail?

Well, to be completely honest, there is no clear answer to that, but we do throughout our day to day lives do tons of things to make ourselves miserable. The choices we make reflect big-time in our lives and something as small as a mere toxic friendship could throw everything out of whack.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that you might be sabotaging yourself and how to really make sure you aren’t. Whether you want to believe these things or not please be as open-minded as possible. You could think something is perfectly fine but that doesn’t mean that it is.

17 Ways to Overcome Self-Sabotage and Become Truly Happy:

1. Stop living in the past.

Stop obsessing over the things you have done or have had in the past. The past is the past, it cannot be changed or relived. Make your present better and go from there.

2. Quit waiting around for things to happen.

Nothing is going to happen for you. You have to work hard. Life is not easy.

3. Be more productive.

Being productive with our time is extremely important. If you are just wasting your time going through the motions you might as well just sit down. Get shit done and make a difference.

4. Quit putting the needs of others before your own.

Your needs should be coming before the needs of anyone else. Your life matters. Stop putting yourself on the backburned for people who aren’t doing the same for you.

5. Quit being so negative.

Being a negative nancy isn’t going to help at all. Stop being so down and out and find something to be positive about. Even in the worst situations, there is always a light somewhere.

6. Quit being so materialistic.

Money and things will not make you happy. If you are looking to material manners as a means of manufacturing happiness stop. Find the source of your unhappiness and work from there.

7. Quit being so revenge oriented.

Revenge doesn’t do any good. All it does is make both parts feel worse or waste time. Sure, it may seem worth it but it isn’t.

8. Quit comparing yourself to everyone else.

You are who you are. You will never be anyone else and the lives of others do not affect you all that much. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

9. Quit thinking you know everything.

You don’t know everything, no one does. The sooner you accept this the more you will learn from those around you. We never stop learning.

10. Quit letting toxic people in your life.

The more toxic people you allow in your life the more held back you are going to be. Cutting out toxic people will benefit you greatly. If you truly want to be happy, let go of any and everyone that uses you.

11. Quit obsessing over the future.

Obsessing over the future all the time is also not a good thing. Plan ahead but not too far ahead. There is always time to make a plan.

12. Quit wasting your time.

Wasting your own time is complete bullshit but you’d be surprised at the number of people who do. They sit around unsure of what to do or where to do. They just exist and nothing more.

13. Quit settling in life.

Settling in life is like agreeing that you’re just going to deal with where you are. You aren’t going to put in the effort to move up and you just want the rut you’re in to get a little more comfortable.

14. Quit eating nothing but junk food.

The better the food we eat the more nourished our body will be. Find some fresh fruit and veggies, be more healthy. Regardless of what you’re eating you need to be sure it’s not going to hurt you.

15. Quit being unrealistic.

Being realistic is important. If we constantly set unrealistic goals or expectations for ourselves we will forever be let down. Life is not as black and white as we make it out to be.

16. Quit letting your thoughts control the way you live, change your mindset.

Changing your mindset might be hard but it makes a huge difference. Being able to think more positively will truly put you in control of your life. Don’t let the negative things that cross your mind hold power over your being.

17. Quit setting your limits so low.

When we set our limits low we constantly outdo ourselves. Your limits should be set high so you can grow. Being a show off isn’t going to help anyone.