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Sure, we manifest in this world over and over again but each life we live in many ways is similar to the last and the next. For instance, when it comes to love the number of times you find it doesn’t seem to change. 

Throughout the years I’ve spent a lot of time talking to those who claim they can remember bits and pieces of their previous lives and well, I’ve noticed lots of patterns. It really does seem that when it comes to true love or real love we only find it in 4 instances of love, while we may find them in different orders or perhaps struggle with them in the first place may vary, they almost always seem present. These instances of falling in real love are important for our growth on this planet and sometimes may not even include any kind of romantic relationship at all. 

Below I am going to go over the different kinds of real love we all tend to face in each lifetime we spend on this planet. How many have you felt during this manifestation at the point you’re dealing with? I for one am on the second one and curious as to where I’m headed from here.

The 4 Kinds Of Real Love We Find In Each Life We Live:

1. Guardian Love

This is the love you feel and are given by those who care for you early on in your life. This could be your parents, grandparents or well anyone else of the sort. These people love you seemingly unconditionally.

2. Kindred Love

While this kind of love often goes overlooked it’s the kind of love we all need somewhat the most. It’s more or less a friendship, the meeting of a soul that is very much like yours but still different. You can feel this person is important and that you’ve traveled together before. You have one another’s backs and help each other to grow.

3. Soulmate Love

Now, soulmate love is where romance comes into play. This is the kind of love we all need and deserve. This love helps push us to be who we need to be. It is the love we share with someone who has a soul that works well with ours. This person was always meant to be in our lives.

4. Twin Flame Love

Twin flames are complex and frustrating, to say the least. This in itself is the physical manifestation of your soul in two parts on this planet. Your twin is your mirror and so while you love one another you also bring out the worst in one another more often than not. This in some ways could be deemed a toxic love because of how powerful it is. It is extremely hard to be with your twin romantically for long periods of time.

That all having been said, these loves are important for us to face. The more we experience them the more we grow as people and move down our paths in this world. Don’t close yourself off from something special.