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Most people fall in love with more than one person in a lifetime, and each love comes with a specific reason. While this can seem confusing, they will all teach you a lesson that you desperately need to learn.

Love is different for everyone but many of us feel like we all only have that one true love and for that we are wrong. Sure, we might end up with one special person but there will be several along the way. Typically we only truly fall for 5 people in one lifetime. While we might think we have fallen for more we are merely confusing other emotions for true love.

Below I am going to go over the different loves you might encounter in your lifetime and what they mean for you. While you might not realize it now as time goes on you will be able to pinpoint each of these without question. Some of them will be positive and others negative but all will have brought you to where you were meant to be and who you were meant to be with.

(Please keep in mind past the first love these can vary in order.)

The First Love

This love will be the one you find before any other. It will be your first real relationship that really sticks with you. Whether things end on a good or bad note this relationship will teach you that just because someone is what you think will be your one and only doesn’t mean they are. This relationship will be one you look back on for the rest of your life.

The Hard Love

This love will be one that is much more painful than the first. It will end badly and chances are it will truly break you. This relationship is meant to teach you what you do not need in love and who you are not supposed to settle for. While the feelings are there the connection in itself is toxic.

The Unrequited Love

This is the love that sometimes hurts the most. It is one in which you care so deeply for someone but cannot have them. Those emotions might go unspoken or they might be spoken and then denied.

It just depends on the situation but the lesson behind it is to really teach you that just because you feel something doesn’t mean that someone else does as well. We often think that the emotions we feel are things other people are also feeling even when they aren’t and it is a hard lesson to learn. Not everything is as it seems.

The Erotic Love

This one is the love in physical form. It is a relationship with more-so a physical connection than a mental one. You both lust for one another and really explore one another’s bodies whether you are a couple or not. This kind of love is one that teaches you to explore pleasure in many ways.

The Final Love

This one is the person you are supposed to be with forever. While not everyone finds this person he or she does exist. Sometimes we end up with one of our other past loves and that is fine as well. That being said, this one truly teaches us what it means to be loved back finally in all the most amazing ways.

Can you think of the people who fit these types in your life? Which one are you on? Don’t get me wrong, there will sometimes be many in-between but these should be prominent in your mind. Love is something that works in the most mysterious ways.