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While it might not be easy to admit we all can think of one person who hurt us to the point where we aren’t the same as we had been. They broke us down and really made us into a person that is not like who we truly are. 

I know it might be hard to come to terms with the pain we’ve felt and the things we’ve gone through, doing so is important. Just because you’ve been damaged and are still even now trying to get back to normal and face the baggage you’re carrying does not mean you are a lost cause. You will get through this and in the end, you will become stronger for having experienced it. 

Below I am going to go over some things that we learn when we go through serious heartbreak and pain. These things aren’t going to be as easy to deal with as we wish they would be, they are hard lessons, and we might not understand them as much as we should, but they are important. Everything happens for a reason and your encounter with that person no matter what they did has shaped you and will help you to grow. 

6 Things We Learn From The Person Who Hurt Us The Most:

1. We learn that our boundaries are not compromisable.

When someone finally hurts you to the point where it changes you, you become more aware of how important your boundaries are. You no longer are willing to compromise in the ways you once were and things are more clear in your mind. Now that you’ve learned this lesson you’re not going to be living in the shadows of it anymore.

2. We learn what true betrayal feels like.

When someone hurts us to the point where we change, we become aware of how truly toxic some people can be. We are finally aware that some people can be monsters and do monstrous things. Until now, nothing had ever been as severe as this, and we were not prepared, in the least bit.

3. We come to terms with the fact that sometimes ties must be cut for our own good.

The more we learn from the things we experience the more clear it becomes in our eyes that ties are sometimes meant to be cut. We don’t cut ties with these people they continue to hurt us over and over again. They will not stop and so, we must stop them.

4. We realize that love takes a lot of work on both ends.

Instead of putting all of our efforts forth we realize that it takes two to make things work. You can’t force someone to change if they don’t want to change. Things just don’t work that way.

5. We realize what we want and do not want in life and in love.

The more you understand about what you’ve gone through the more you realize what you won’t tolerate anymore. You set more boundaries and really make sure you’re protected properly. While this might sound like a bit much to some, it is important and does help us grow.

6. We understand that our own well-being is more important than a shallow connection.

Through the experiences this person forced on us, we come to understand that our well-being should be a priority in our lives. We shouldn’t obsess over others to the point where we think they matter more than we do. At the end of the day, we are all we truly have.