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When it comes to dating or being in a relationship as a whole far too often people try to change their partners. When you’re with someone you share a real connection with, changing them will be the last thing on your mind.

While life would be a lot easier if we just accepted one another as we are, that doesn’t seem to be something we’re all capable of. That having been said if you want to be part of a true awakened union you need to be willing to accept your lover as he/she is and not close yourself off from who they are on a core level. Those who want to change their lovers or control them are not capable of achieving this kind of union.

We are all unique in this world and experiencing life in our own ways. When it comes to love we have to fit together and make things work, forcing others to make themselves fit into our lives just never works. The people in your life are never going to be the people you want them to be or do the things you want them to do exactly as you want them done and coming to terms with that is important. 

Truly awakened unions are all about acceptance and understanding. You accept your lover for who he or she is and you understand that as you both move forth you will have differences come forth. Things will not be perfect, but they will be perfectly imperfect for the two of you in your life together.

The sooner you realize that you cannot change other people the easier it becomes to let them be. They do the things they do for their own reasons and working to understand that versus making them do things differently is always the best option. Through this, you can come to understand one another on a much deeper level.

You can work through problems together without being the same mind. Being able to communicate and resolve issues on a real level will make any awakened union flourish in more ways than most could ever imagine. The more we work to feed into these kinds of unions the better off we will end up being. 

Rather than holding each other back we are able to push each other forward and greet each day from a place that allows us to grow both spiritually and emotionally. That having been said, it can sometimes be hard to accept another person as they are. You may find that there are things that get under your skin and that you’re a lot more hard to win over than you might have initially expected. However, the more open-minded you are and the more time you take to really try to make things work the easier this whole concept will become for you. 

We as lovers can grow together without forcing one another to be a version of ourselves that we do not want to be. Have you ever been in a true awakened union? This kind of connection is not one to be forgotten easily.