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While not everyone takes the time to let it sink in, we are all connected. We come from the same source, and we are all being affected by the same energies of this world.

We are one whether we all admit and accept that or not. The energies around us flow through us and are parts of us. Our energies beam into others and their energies beam into us. When this world is in need of change we can collectively bring forth that change through changing ourselves.

Everything in this world is energy and if you’re not content with the energies around you, change them. Make them more positive and feed into them rather than allowing them to feed off of you. The universe itself is constantly absorbing the things we put out into it and if we want a positive world we have to radiate positive energies, all of us. One small difference can make a huge lasting impact if we believe in ourselves.

The vibrations around us are sometimes overwhelming, but we as energetic beings should be working with them to better this place we call our home. I know, it’s hard and sometimes we let ourselves forget how important the changes we need can be, but we are capable of so much more. We see so much hate and resentment in this world and honestly, we need to do something about it rather than ignore it.

There is a way to get things done and through reaching a more collective consciousness we can accomplish all we seek to accomplish. If you’re putting hatred and violence into this world that is what you will find in return, there is no denying that. We must fight hate with love and violence with kindness, that is the only way.

We attract what we put forth in this world so if you’re putting forth toxic energies then you’re going to be reaping what you’ve sown. Now is not the time to become further divided. Unity is needed, and we all need to try and heal the world around us. If you’re energy sensitive then you know all that I am referring to. Be strong and hold your head high as you allow your positivity to affect the world around you and do not be discouraged.

Know your truth and spread forth the positivity this world is lacking. The more you work to do this the more others around you will pick up on it and do the same. We can be the change we wish to see here on our planet Earth.