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While Mercury has been retrograding since November 16th, it is now direct. As of December 6th, this crazy planet of communication is functioning as it should be and many people are quite excited.

While Mercury was in retrograde we were all facing things like unexplained guilt, misunderstandings, and so forth all of that should be coming to an end for now. You should be well on your way to relaxation and comfort. Sure, it will take the planet several days to really get back as it needs to be but once it does everything will move forward full force.

The past few weeks have probably had you feeling pretty scrambled and you’ve probably been quite indecisive. As things get back to normal you will be finally feeling less confused and finally have your patience back. During this time, you are free to move forward with the things you have been holding off on. You can begin making important decisions again and really putting yourself back out there.

Mercury going direct is something that allows us to finally express ourselves again properly. When mercury finally comes out of retrograde it is like waking up from a very in-depth sleep. Coming out of this will not feel great, to begin with but as the days pass you will begin to feel much more yourself.

You should use this time to really begin taking the lead and planting new seeds. While you have been at a standstill for the time, Mercury was moving backward, now you can really find yourself and where you wish to go from here. You will no longer have to work hard to get your point across and all of your connections will begin making sense.

You won’t have to fight to find the truth anymore and you will no longer have to worry about deception or confusion. A different way of looking at things may present itself to you and really help you to open up to new ideas. While this is not something you are used to, it is something that will benefit you greatly.

Astrology King reported as follows in regards to Mercury going direct:

Mercury direct trine Chiron suggests that higher awareness and empathy will bring greater understanding and agreement. Mercury trine Chiron gives healing hands and healing words. It also means people will notice you are listening to them, and this alone can have a healing influence. This is a good time to resolve relationship problems that arose during the retrograde phase. Business and legal matters will be easier to deal with now without the deception and confusion of Mercury retrograde 2018 square Moon and Neptune.

Mercury in retrograde is not something many enjoy, so if you’ve been going through hell now is your time to really get things in order. Allow yourself time to relax and give yourself a moment to breathe. While you might not quite feel like yourself just yet, everything will fall into place very soon.

There is a lot more to this planet than meets the eye. It can make or break a person with ease and we all need to remember that when facing its energies.

Image via Hanker Mag