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On October 25, we will move through a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, before encountering a total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8. This particular eclipse season will be opening a gateway that will usher us to the next level, are you ready?

Under the new moon, the Sun will experience a partial solar eclipse. The two energies combined under the sign of Scorpio will push us into deeply vulnerable places that will be both powerfully exciting and terrifying. Under a solar eclipse, it is typical to experience the shadow emerging under a solar eclipse in Scorpio-that is exactly what will happen under this solar eclipse.

Expect to have sides of yourself, including emotions, personality traits, and past beliefs re-emerging which may be uncomfortable. Often, we are pushed to go head-to-head with our shadow to better understand our strengths and limits. Additionally, we are being moved through fated changes that are beyond our control, as this is a portal of sorts.

Following the solar eclipse, we will move on to the November 8 lunar eclipse in Taurus. We will be pushed from our comfort zone into unfamiliar territory during this time. This change and discomfort may be unsettling for some, but it is through this discomfort that many of us will find our purpose.

Things like forced changes in career, living situations being turned upside down, and even major relationship transitions are likely. Remember that through this change, you will be pushed forward. It might be your first instinct to fight against this-however, if you move with it, and embrace it- you will get the most out of this energy.

Above all – this is a time to touch down, look back at what has happened, look forward toward your goals and get clear on where your focus needs to truly be. While much of what happens with being fated, we do still have control over how we proceed from there.

According To CafeAstrology,

About the partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25, 2022

A partial Solar Eclipse occurs on October 25th, 2022, at 6:49 AM EDT at 2 degrees and 0 minutes of the sign of Scorpio. Because its effects can be felt up to six months after the actual date of the eclipse, it has more power to affect our personal lives than a “regular” New Moon.

Long-term changes are in the works! In the Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio, there is now a powerful focus on matters related to intimacy, control, power, money, and sharing. This eclipse might challenge these life departments and present opportunities for new beginnings.

Eclipse #4 in a Taurus-Scorpio set

This Solar Eclipse/New Moon occurs in the sign of passionate Scorpio. It’s the fourth eclipse to fall along the Taurus-Scorpio axis in a set that began in November 2021. This eclipse can be considered one of several cosmic nudges toward creating a better balance between “give and take.” The focus is on new beginnings related to our attachments, intimate life, debts, personal psychology, power dynamics, and self-empowerment.

Eclipses have the power to set up themes for the coming six months. We’ll address matters related to change, transformation, comfort, in/dependence, attachment, sharing, and money in the months following this eclipse. We may feel the need–or desire–to start fresh in these areas. Realizations since May–or strong feelings we’ve experienced in recent months–can propel us forward.

This set of eclipses stirs the need to balance our lives between collecting and sharing, the simple and complicated, tangibles and emotional complexities. Emotional stirrings are motivating.

Occurring in Scorpio, this Solar Eclipse calls us to:

  • take steps towards self-mastery and self-empowerment by tackling things that undermine us and that take away our power (compulsive behaviors, addictions, large debts);
  • understand that changes and endings are necessary for our soul growth;
  • work on learning to merge with another human being on an intimate level without feeling like we have lost ourselves;
  • instead of assuming that others do or should see life the same way as we do, strive to understand why others don’t share the same values;
  • develop our magnetism by working on strength and depth of character;
  • release our fear of confrontations and heavy emotional situations, recognizing that although they may be uncomfortable, these situations can lead us toward psychological healing;
  • take steps to manage and handle our shared resources with a partner (or ex-partner) in a healthier fashion.