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Right now, there is a lot going on in the world. Some of it is bad and well it feels like the rest of it is even worse.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any positivity insight and well things are bound to get worse before they get better. We are not going to be able to get back to any real sense of normal without addressing the energies at hand and working through them. This rebirth period and energetic challenge we’re all going through is not going to be easy to face.

At the current moment collectively we’re facing an energetic shift that has a lot of us knocked off of our feet. We’re trying to figure out ways to move forward and heal all the while hurting one another in the process, and it’s causing a lot more tension in the air. Sure, we should all be facing our inner workings, but not many of us are willing to do that.

If you want to get where you’re intending to go, you must work through the shadows locked within your being, and that is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time and effort to truly unlock the things that need to be unlocked, and once you dive into yourself, things will never be the same again. As things in the world grow more and more intense, diving within becomes more and more important.

If you are energy sensitive than I am sure you’re feeling these conflicting energies quite prominently, I know I am, and it’s driving me nuts. Instead of going in one direction, I’m being pulled in several and figuring out where to head is no easy feat.

The changes we’re facing as a whole will help us grow in amazing ways, but first, we must all come together, which not everyone is willing to do. We must find a sense of unity and highlight what makes us all tied as one, versus the things that divide us further. We cannot truly battle the evils of this world unless we are willing to see each other and hear one another out.

I know, things are crazy right now and that they are only going to be ramping up more and more, but try to understand and let the emotions that others are putting into this world sink into your being. Seeing things from the perspectives of others is important right now, and we should all keep that in mind moving forward. As time passes, we will make progress with these energies but, nothing is going to happen overnight.