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This year is going to be one to remember. We have tons of positive energy headed our way and from this energy, we as people will begin to find out places in this world.

We are well on our way to entering the Aquarius gate and with this, some very interesting things will follow. For those who do not know the Aquarius gate is the moment in early February when the flow of the time spiral brings us opposite the Lion’s gate. This all relating back to the great stellar circle. This is the perfect time to go on a journey.

This is going to be a time in which we are all able to really move forward however we see fit. If you were born under the signs Leo or Aquarius you are in for quite the bumpy ride, please be warned. This is something that will change how we present ourselves in this world. You will be given the chance to find out who you truly are. Is this a chance you are willing to take?

As this time approaches you are most likely feeling quite conflicted and ready to push forward. Let the energies headed your way take control of your body. The light of positivity will be with you every step of the way. Release any negative feelings you may be experiencing and be as in the moment as possible. The Aquarius gate is the water-bearing gate and as that implies it brings about marvelous things.

This gate is one that allows us to see things we have been blind to for far too long. It brings us closer to our true selves and while you may think you are avoiding its influence you are not. There is no escaping the energies associated with this kind of thing.

“The Waterbearer loves, loves, loves its freedom, but eventually, when freedom is the only goal, it can get a little limiting. That’s when Aquarius realizes its freedom has become its prison.” 
― John Marchesella

What do you think about all of this? I for one cannot wait to see what the opening of the Aquarius gate brings for me. Growth and learning are things I consider to be very near and dear to my heart.