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While we might not often think about it, we’re all connected to our higher selves whether we want to be or not. Our higher selves nourish our souls and feed into us as our mothers did through the placenta when we were mere fetal beings unborn within their bodies. 

I know, some people might think this comparison is gross but if you’re someone who appreciates motherhood and all things of the sort, this may really help you truly come to terms with the higher self and what it is as a whole. Our lives are not as cut and dry as we make them out to be. Things are much bigger than we will ever truly be able to fathom. 

Within our mother’s womb, we are nurtured and cared for in all possible ways. We are fed and cared for. Our umbilical cord in this sense is very much like the etheric cord that connects us to our higher selves. No, we can’t see the etheric cord that connects us to the being we are all working so hard to align with but the closer you get to where you need to be the more you will feel it, that much I know to be true because even now, I can feel mine. 

No, there is no proof of this but on a spiritual level, I am sure those who are highly energy sensitive will agree with me on this one. That cord exists and we become more and more aware of it as we progress on our paths in this life. We get a lot from this cord, it helps our aura replenish and if we take good care of it, we can learn a lot from our higher selves through it. 

In this sense, the Universe or Mother Nature as a whole is taking care of us, it is our mother in the sense that we are all born from the universe itself. Without it, we would not be here as we would not be here without our mothers. Right now, as you work to learn more about yourself and your higher self as a whole you should be working to connect with the energies flowing from that cord. In order to do-so all you need to do is meditate and put emphasis on that power in itself. I know, that sounds easy but sometimes it can be quite hard. 

The higher self is a version of you that the universe knows you can become in time. It is your ultimate form and it already exists yet does not exist at the same time. Yes, we hold other etheric cords as well, cords for everyone we allow to interact with our energies but this one is unique. It is almost crystal in nature and the closer you come to aligning with your higher self the more sense that will make. 

Really sit with all of this and understand just how powerful this kind of thing is. Even in our worst moments our higher selves connect with us through this means and allow us a glimmer of hope. I know, it’s a lot to take in but think of it as a mother feeding her children through her body, she is taking in things from everywhere else and pushing them to where they need to be just as the universe does with our etheric cords. The universe takes in all this world has to offer and through our higher selves, we’re presented exactly what we need.