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Right now we’re facing a lot and things aren’t going as well as we would like for them too. For some reason instead of taking this time to come together (emotionally and to care for one another) we are more divided than ever.

The universe is telling us right now that this planet needed a break and that we need to stop being so selfish. Among all of this chaos, we need to be helping one another and taking those who are in need into consideration. We all need to use this time to take a step back and through working to lessen the spread of this virus, spread positive things instead.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that the universe is through this pandemic could be reminding us that we need more of. Use this time to do something good for the people around you. While you’re not supposed to be going out or spending time with your friends you can still show your support in other ways.

5 Things We Should Be Spreading Right Now:

1. Love

Right now we should be working to make sure the people we love the most are aware of how we feel. Don’t put off calling your mother or sending a simple text to a friend you’ve been thinking about. Check-in on those who care for you in the ways you care for them. Technology is a great way to remain connected right now.

2. Happiness

While times might be hard and a lot of us are down and out, we can still spread cheer. Find the bright side of things and share those things with the people closest to you. Cheer up your kids and send kind words to the people you come across when you do have to go out. Compliments can go a long way even if you’re six feet away from one another.

3. Compassion

We are all going through things right now. While you have what you need doesn’t mean everyone does. Being more compassionate brings it out in others as well.

4. Kindness

Kindness is a very important thing in this world and for some reason, many of us have forgotten that. Being kind to the people in your household even though they might be getting on your nerves right now is important. We’re all taking this day by day.

5. Selflessness

In this life, we all need to be a little selfless when times get rough. Right now take the time to check your pantry and see if you have anything you can donate to others. If you don’t need it, try to use it to help the people who are struggling the most right now. We’re all in this together.