While a lot of people do not stop to think about this, we are all energy on a core level. At the base of it all, we are the same thing a million times over. 

You are energy, the person beside you is energy, the things around you are energy and well, basically everything that makes up this universe is energy. Energies are something that change and become stronger or weaker depending on the circumstances. We all need to understand that we are all one when everything is broken down. 

Now, if you want to change the world around you and better yourself overall, you need to change your mind and that can only be done through changing your energy. In this, you must rely heavily on the law of attraction and the power of affirmations. If you’re not happy in your life, that is your fault and you need to be the one to make those changes.

If you only ever think of negative and toxic things you’re only ever going to have a crappy life full of pain. If you want happiness and growth, you must be willing to look for those things internally and externally. If you do not work to control the energy channels that you’re allowing into your mind, you will never get where you truly need to be in this world. 

Don’t sell yourself short. You can manifest the things you want in this world if you believe in yourself deeply enough. Sure, you do have to put forth effort physically as well but you through your mind can do great things. The more you work to bring light into your experience here on this planet the better. 

If you think you’re in need of something make that something come forth. Use your mind and energetic powers to focus on it heavily until the universe has no choice but to place that something before you. When you finally realize how powerful you are as an energetic being on this amazing planet, nothing will be able to stop you.

Make sure that what you’re putting out into this world is positive and the things you gain in return will be positive as well. Kindness goes a long way and if you can help someone do-so that in the long-run will also help you. Things are not always what they seem and just because you’re down right now does not mean you’re not about to get back up and work on moving forward.

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