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April is an important month for astronomy and skywatchers, with the full pink moon, the Lyrids, and in the next week, an amazing alignment!

According to, in the next week, we will begin seeing an alignment of planets in the sky that will only continue to build. Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are beginning to move closer, forming an amazing diagonal line across the sky.

By the last week of April, the moon will join into the formation, and all of these bright beauties will be in close succession to one another. even reports that Venus and Jupiter will be closer than they have since 2016, making them closer than they have been in six years.

And for at least another two years, they will not be this close again.

At the beginning of the month, Venus, Saturn, and Mars were all closely aligned, being visible in the Southeastern skies directly before Sunrise.

And then, this past Friday, Jupiter started to move closer as well. Throughout the next week, these planets will form a diagonal 30-degree line in the sky, that will be visible in the East-Southeastern sky.

Just before dawn, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn will all be visible.

For those of you who are early risers, this show can be viewed in the early morning hours, directly before Sunrise.

And then, during the last week of April, the moon will join in.

If you want to see the show, says to find a “wide-open view of the East-Southeast horizon that morning with no obstructions and set your alarm for 5:15 a.m” on April 27.

“In a single glance, you’ll see the three brightest objects in the night sky: a 12% illuminated crescent moon, Jupiter 4 degrees to its upper left, and Venus hovering 5 degrees directly above the lunar sliver.”

To close out the month, Jupiter and Venus will dance together, standing side by side on April 30. And this will be the last time we can view such a show until March 1, 2023.