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As the weather is getting colder some of us are beginning to struggle with a buildup of mucus and other things of the sort. While not everyone faces this those who do are usually quite distressed as a result. 

If you’re wheezing, have a sore throat, feel congested, or are coughing up phlegm you probably need to do something about mucus buildup as soon as possible. The longer we ignore things like this the more frustrating they become. While a little mucus is going to happen no matter what excess can become a serious problem.

Below I am going to go over some of the best tips I’ve come across regarding effectively reducing the amount of phlegm/mucus within the body. While some of these might seem quite simple, others aren’t. How many have you tried and which ones work best for you?

7 Tips For Getting Rid of Mucus/Phlegm From Your Throat And Chest:

1. Get things steaming quickly.

When full of mucus you need to remember to keep the air around you as moist as possible. Use a humidifier and steam properly if needed. This will keep your throat from getting sore and clear your nose.

2. Apply a warm, wet ‘rag’ to your face.

This will not only get rid of minor aches and pains in relation to congestion, but it will also help put moisture back into your nose as well as your throat. In doing this you are able to really let things come out more properly.

3. Mix honey and lemon together then drink it.

Both of these things offer serious benefits to those who drink them together. They are antibacterial and great at boosting our immune systems. Drink this at least twice a day if you’re dealing with serious congestion.

4. Stay hydrated with warm fluids.

When we want to get rid of mucus we need to be sure to remain as hydrated as possible. Drink lots of warm broths and don’t skimp on the water. The more congested you are the more hydrated you need to be.

5. Elevate your head and keep it elevated.

While you might not realize it the position you hold your head when this kind of thing is happening can make it worse. If you’re not elevating your head you’re just allowing things to remain as they are. The more propped up you are the easier draining will become.

6. Gargle a mixture of salt and warm water.

Gargling salt water might be the last thing you want to do when dealing with this kind of thing but it really can help. Mix these two things together and gargle them like there is no tomorrow for at least a few minutes. Just a mere half of a teaspoon of salt dissolved in warm water can make some serious differences. This will really loosen things up drastically.

7. Add a little turmeric to your life.

When congested and struggling add a little bit of turmeric to a glass of warm water and stir it up. Gargle this a few times each day to get rid of phlegm build-up. While it’s not going to taste great, it will work wonders.