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As we move through 2020, we are now facing Mars retrograde as it began on September the 9th. This retrograde will continue well into November and is one that might be a bit complex for those in their twin flame relationships.

You see Mars in Aries as a whole is already a powerful force but with retrogrades coming into play, things are getting quite tricky. You may notice tensions rising and conflicts turning into big issues. It is important for couples during this time to remember not to let their frustrations get the best of them no matter what it is they are facing.

Astrology King noted that there will be a lot of impatience coming forth as a result of Mars square Saturn, and we will be feeling much more restricted than we otherwise would be. As we move forth our desires may take over, and we may end up causing more harm than good when it comes to romance and our love lives entirely. We must all be willing to think things through and take a better look at the progress we’re making above all else.

While you might feel like you’re facing a lot more challenges right now, you’re not in the place to be making more moves at the moment. You should be closing yourself off a bit and spending more time relaxing as best you can. Let your mind calm down and allow these energies to manifest in a way that slows you down rather than speeds you up.

While some people may end up feeling more-so hopeless during all of this, just know it won’t last forever. All the negative we face can be countered in one way or another, and we will all get through it. If you and your partner make it through this, things will be looking up in the months to come, that much I know to be very true.

This retrograde is an intense one but it’s not the only celestial force we have to face right now. Things are going to be feeling quite conflicted and you may end up a bit off-center. Don’t lose your balance and try to remain willing to communicate with those you care the most about during this retrograde.

To learn more about some other energies this retrograde will be bringing forth take a look at the video below. Things are not always what they seem. Keep your mind open and take things one step at a time.