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For some reason, a lot of people assume that when someone dies they are no longer of this world, and that’s not necessarily the case. When we die, we revert to our energetic forms and are able to see the people we love and care for moving through their lives. 

When we finally pass on, we can remain present here to help the people we love the most grow to become the best versions of themselves. While you may no longer be able to see your deceased loved ones, you can still sometimes feel their presence near you, and that my friend, happens for a reason. Even in death, the people who want to be here for us will remain. 

If you’ve been experiencing some strange things and are perhaps considering whether someone you miss is by your side or not, look for the signs. These signs will be quite apparent and hard to miss. Below I am going to go over a few to help get you started, but don’t forget that some signs will never be found on any list, but must instead be found within your heart.

6 Signs That A Deceased Loved One Is Still With You:

1. They visit you in your dreams.

While you cannot see them when you’re awake in your dream state, they come to you and tell you things you need to know. These dreams are much more vivid and prominent than others. They are powerful and feel like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

2. You keep hearing their voice.

When someone passes on, you might assume that means you’ll never hear their voice again, but that might not be the case. Sometimes when our deceased loved ones are reaching out, they will speak to us quite literally. You may be home alone cleaning or something of the sort only to hear your deceased grandmother say your name. While it will startle you, it’s her way of reaching out.

3. You keep noticing specific things moved or out of place.

Sometimes the people who are no longer with us will move things to remind us that they’re near. For instance, you may have your grandpa’s watch still (perhaps in a drawer) only to find it out in the open on your nightstand right where you’ll see it. This is his way of letting you know he is still with you. Through bringing this out, he is reminding you that he’s looking over you even now.

4. You can smell them.

In some cases, the people we miss the most might present a smell to us that helps us to understand that they’re still around. You might have all but forgotten the smell of your mother’s perfume, but once she brings it forth, you will not be able to avoid it. She will from there be very much on your mind.

5. You can sense them near.

When someone you love is near, you can feel it even if they’re no longer in this realm with us. While they are not quite present physically, their energies are still the same. They are with you and there is no doubt about that in your mind.

6. You’re constantly being reminded of them in your day-to-day.

When it comes to the people who are no longer here in this world, you sometimes hear their favorite songs on the radio at the most perfect moments. They make sure that you think of them through the things they bring before you. This could be something huge or something tiny.