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On August 23rd, the sun is going to move out of Leo, and into the sign of Virgo. And while Leo was all about self-expression, and making your voice heard, Virgo demands alignment with your purpose.

As you begin to notice the transition taking place, you will also start to question your values, and decide where you stand in life. As the world continues to spin, many of us will be feeling the immense need to get our lives together. This can span from our career paths to our finances and even down to the little details, you will notice a desire for order.

Looking back at the year past, Virgo urges us to wrap up the things we started in the previous months, and fine-tune those bad habits we forgot about back in January.

And the closer we get to the equinox, we will feel more and more inclined to truly reevaluate our purpose and the routines that we follow, to benefit from the practical and focused energies that Virgo carries. While not all zodiac signs have the eye for detail that Virgo has, we will all be able to harness her energies during this time.

In the past months, the Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto retrogrades, paired with the wounded healer’s backward motion have thrown us from our belief systems, completely crashed down on our lives and pushed us in a completely other direction.

In turn, we may all be feeling a bit lost and that is where this season can truly bring things into perspective for us. And don’t mistake Virgo’s tenacity for a  purpose-driven life as making them boring, or making them anxious worriers full of dread. On the contrary, their focus, organization and a constant drive to become bigger and better come from a place of self-expression. Do you want to truly harness the energy of Virgo and organize your life?

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