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Virgo season begins on August 23rd and will not end until September 22nd. Virgo season is a time in which many of us are pushed to slow down and really prioritize our own well-being.

During Virgo season it is easy to get carried away or to forget the important things. During this time you need to try and make life easier on yourself. While the energies surrounding Virgo season are quite positive and productive they are also not as simple as you might think they should be. The following things will make life a lot easier, and will allow you to move forward with a clearer mind.

Doing These 7 Things Will Make Things A Bit Easier:

1. Practice improve yourself slowly.

Don’t dive head over heels into self-improvement. Take things slow, go one step at a time. If you put yourself too far into things, they might go wrong.

2. Stop procrastinating over things.

Procrastinating isn’t going to do you any good. Get things that need to be done situated, because the sooner you get moving the better.

3. Show yourself more compassion.

Be more compassionate towards yourself, because you are no superhero. Sometimes you will fall, you have to be able to help yourself back up.

4. Remove the clutter.

Get rid of the clutter in your life. Whether it is physical clutter or just clutter of the mind. If you need to get rid of some things or some toxic people, do it.

5. Actually, plan things out.

Don’t jump into things! Make sure that everything you do is planned out. It doesn’t have to be planned out to the very minute but an overall plan makes a huge difference.

6. Don’t forget to take breaks.

Don’t forget to take breaks from time to time. You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself, you need to relax and allow yourself a moment to breathe. You are only human and it is okay for you to let yourself breathe.

7. Do not let other people control you.

Don’t let other people control you or how you feel. You are your own person, and only you are in charge of how you feel.